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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 year well visit.

Two weeks ago we took Parker in for her 2 year well visit. Her stats were:

height: 35.5 inches (90th percentile)
weight: 26 lbs (45th percentile)

She has pretty much stayed within these percentiles since birth. So everything looking good there.

The only thing is.....she failed her hearing screening. Again.

Yes- again.

She had failed it in her right ear back at her 18 months appointment, but because it is just a screening...and because it was her first one....and because she was developmentally on track as far as speech goes....we (us and the pediatrician) didn't think much of it.

And because I am such a good mom....I really only vaguely remembered that she had even failed at 18 months. It wasn't until the doctor looked back in her chart at 18 months and told me that she had failed it then as well, that I even somewhat remembered. (I just went back and read my post from her 18 month well-visit and was comforted to discover that maybe the reason I had trouble remembering is because I was unable to take her to this appointment and Geoff took her alone.)

So- to recap:

-She failed her hearing screening at 18 months in her right ear. No fluid was present or infection at that time. We did nothing about it and were just going to be re-screened at her 2-year visit.

-At her 2 year well visit--she fails the screening in her left ear....and they couldn't even get a reading in her right ear. It was 'inconclusive.' Her right ear had fluid around it, but was not infected. This fluid can be a reason for kids to fail their screening. So we (with the doctor's advice) decided to try Nasonex once a day in each nostril to try to clear up any fluid that could be impeding her hearing. We'd come back in 2 weeks and go from there.

-So yesterday, we went in for her 2 week follow-up. No fluid in either ears. She passed in her left ear....and failed in her right ear. Again.

Sooooo......the doctor said that if they fail 2 times and there's no reason that she can actually see as to why they failed it (i.e. fluid in ears)....then she likes to refer to a specialist. We whole-heartedly agreed.

We feel like everything is probably fine......because well....we just haven't noticed that she cannot hear. Also- her speech is expanding on a daily basis and we can understand her most of the time. If she couldn't hear...she would have more trouble learning how to talk. Right?

But at the same time....the thoughts in the back of my head are running and saying, "Well....what if she can't hear really well out of her right ear and her left ear is just picking up all of the slack??" Stuff like that.

The doctor said, "This isn't something you should lose sleep over, yet. I feel pretty confident that it will all come out fine. But the ENT doctor just has better equipment to test for their hearing."

So we're comforted with that.... and knowing that God has a plan and that He knows what the deal is (or isn't, for that matter). :)

On another note.....she had her Hepatitis A vaccination, as well, and did not cry or whimper at all!! We were so proud! We gave her some M&Ms when she got home (because I forgot to put them in my purse before we left!).


And here are just a few random pictures of her from yesterday afternoon. She was enjoying sitting in the desk chair acting like she was 'working' and wearing her sunglasses.

My favorite....


Jamie said...

Parker looks so good in that color and she looks like a big girl with that bow!

Anonymous said...

Well Grannie has really gotten
behind, I thought I had lost the
blog, but found it this a.m.
Love it all and glad to see your
Love ya,

Kristin said...

She does look good in that color, I guess I missed this post, I didn't even realize you had posted it!!

Viv said...

She's just a doll. I love the pic of her at the computer too!


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