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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My First Post...and to my wife...

As all of you who read this blog know Marla is, in my opinion, the best at detailing the days of our lives. This is her passion and something that allows her to wind down after her many long and stressful minutes, hours, days, weeks and years...having to put up with two kids (one being me) and soon to be three.

I have the luxury of being in a position that most dad's don't get to be in and that is being able to take care of my daughter during the day while Marla is hard at work getting her second degree. I have to say that although most days are usually easy taking care of Parker, some days are stressful. It's mainly stressful because I haven't the first clue of how to raise a kid properly. I try my best to be active with her and try to teach her things but a lot of the time I allow her to watch to much Blue's Clues or Word World or Elmo.

I do take her to the park and have even ventured out to story time, once, and let me tell you that was awkward. I get there and of course there is a room full of mothers and their children and I am the only dad. I know most of those women were probably thinking I was one of those stay at home dads but little did they really know nor did I offer to tell them what I do. I basically just sat there and enjoyed the moment with my princess.

Anyway, today I decided it would be fun to make Chex Mix with my daughter. We got the recipe off of the Pioneer Woman website that my gorgeous wife drools over and has used and written about several times during her posts.

It was very easy and I'll do my best to mimic the many wonderful posts my wife has done with pictures, step by step and it goes:

This is Parker getting very anxious to get started and to eat some of the cereal
She did a really good job pouring in all of the ingredients

This is the main ingredients that are soon to be mixed with seasoning salt, onion powder, fresh garlic, tobasco, worchestire sauce (by the way I can't spell for crap and I'm to lazy to find out how to spell those last two words), and butter...
Here is Parker enjoying the worcheshtire sauce
This next shot is the best because after all she is two, she just had a taste of some sauce she liked and she know see's some new sauce and of course has to try it...
Now, just imagine what it was like when you tasted tobassco for the first time. Her reaction was priceless because at first it must have been good but then came the heat...
and then came the WATER!!!
and now I'm going to cut through to the final product because, honestly, there has to be an easier way for me to upload these pictures into this blog but I have not the patience to do it right now.

To all of you who read this, I had two intentions in making this post. First, I wanted to show you how much fun it is being a dad. It isn't until you have a child that you finally realize the ultimate responsibilities that your own parents went through in raising you. It isn't the easiest thing to do in the world, in fact it has been the hardest task for me to ever undertake. But you know what, I am loving every minute of it. This whole fatherhood thing is a lot easier because of my family and my beautiful loving wife, which brings me to my second intention in making this post.

My wife is amazing. I thought long and hard about the one word that could really sum her up but when it came down to it, amazing was it. She has been so stressed for the last....well, probably since she started nursing school and became a mom but more importantly she has been through a lot of emotions as of late with school winding up (the big tests are coming up) and being half way through her pregnancy and well, I am going to stop with my rambling. I need to say this...

Marla, thank you for everything that you do. I know I'm not the greatest husband in the world but I do my best because I want nothing more in life than to make you happy. If I had the power I would make all of your stress go away. You have been the greatest inspiration to ever come into my life and because of you I am a better person. I want to thank you for being the wonderful mother that you are. I, and most importantly Parker, are truly blessed to have you.

You work hard ever day in school. You work hard every day to be the best mother that you can be and you work hard every day to be the best wife. God has blessed me in so many ways and his ultimate gift to me has been you.

I figured I could get you flowers to brighten your day because I know how stressed you've been, but I thought it best to post this to let you know that your daughter and I thank you for being you. We thank you for all of your hard work and we love you most of all for never giving up and always leading the way.

Ladies and gentleman, please give a round of applause to the most wonderful/beautiful/caring/gracious/smartest and soon to be mother of two and nurse...Marla.

I love you Marla



Megan said...

SOOOOOO SWEEEEET!! I am so proud of you Geoff! Please give my Jeff some pointers! ;-)

Congrats Marla! You are almost done!! Hang in there!

Jamie said...

That was one of the sweetest things I have ever read. I love you guys and I think you are both awesome!

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

That was very sweet Geoff! Great job! The two of you are such kind hearted people!

Kristin said...

Oh brother- that was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes!! My sister is truly all of those wonderful words that you described her as! And you are a wonderful dad too!! Parker is lucky to have the both of you! I love you guys!!

P.S. I was laughing out loud when I was reading the part about spelling the words because I can hear you saying that.. haha

Viv said...

Brought tears to my eyes this morning too but one of the nicest, sweetest blogs I have ever read. Parker is indeed lucky that you two are her parents and I'm so thankful that you two found one another. Love you all so much!

Jodie said...

Wonderful post Geoff! It was so sweet. You all are a great family.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed w/your blogging abilities Geoff - way to go! And as everyone else as said, what a heartfelt blog. Ya'll are both great parents and to me you are what a real family are there for each other in the best of times & the worst of times & you are constantly growing! BTW, that chex mix looks good. Yum! Can't wait to come see your new house too!

Milstead said...

Geoff, you're seriously a gifted writer. That was so sweet. I moved closer to the screen and put my hand over my mouth. :) I love every post on this blog, but this one has definitely moved up to the top...along with the one where Parker had noodles all over the floor. :) I love every one of the Caldwells. :)

Crystal said...

That was beyond crying at the moment because that was so beautiful. No words...really..just so happy Marla clearly found a wonderful man to marry... :)

Anonymous said...

Say Fellow, My Papa never wrote me
a Post like this one, not even in 64 years and 8 months. I do believe he loved me, but this is a
wonderful message for a wife to
SO PROUD OF YOU. Keep this in
writing for your 65th year.


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