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Thursday, October 8, 2009

i survived... first two 12-hour shifts at the hospital.

Yes- I worked a 12-hour shift yesterday and today.

Wasn't sure if I was going to make it when thinking about these days earlier in the week. But they came and went and I survived.

I know that to some this is no big deal. They do it all the time. It is a way of life. And will eventually become my way of life. But for now it is new.

It is getting up at 5:00am.
Leaving the house at 5:45am.
And returning home at 8pm.
Seeing my daughter for only 30 minutes in a day.
Hearing her say in her sweet, little voice, "I miss you, Mommy! I miss you, Mommy!" And melting and breaking your heart all at once.
It is going to bed at 10pm, only to wake at 5am to start it all over again.
It's culture shock, I tell you.

I thought I'd include some fun(ny) tips for survival of working a 12 hour shift when you're new: (in case you're wondering)
  • expect the very, very worst.....then when it doesn't seem so bad. :)
  • wash your hands with soap and water 121 times per day
  • Stay well-hydrated. This won't start feeling dizzy, nauseous, start seeing black spots....only to barely exit the room in time to fall into a chair....only to have your nurse preceptor run out the door after you and take your blood pressure to discover that it is 92/55 and make you sit in that chair in the hallway with the blood pressure cuff hooked up to your arm while making you drink juice and water....oh....and so then your instructor will not show up right after that and freak out that you almost passed out. :)
  • Yes- the above statement is a true story. And it happened on my first day.
  • and most importantly....use hand sanitzer gel 347 times per day. thanks.
I did finally successfully start an IV today!!! And I got it on my first try!! A huge accomplishment for me. (It only took me a year to figure it out.)

I have to do 120 clinical hours in the hospital this semester. Soooo....24 hours down....and ummm.....96 to go! Haha.

I will tell you this though.....getting into my soft, cozy bed never felt so good. I could feel my legs saying "ahhhhhhhhh." You know what I mean??


Monica Jackson said...

Way to go, Marla!! I'm impressed :)

Kristin said...

Wow, what a first day. I am glad that you are ok. That is scary!!

I guess you have dishwashing hands too.... LOL not that you didn't have them before, but I am sure those 2 days made them a lot worse.

Viv said...

God Bless you Marla, we are so proud of you.

Anonymous said... why did we decide to become nurses? I am glad you made it through & that you didn't actually pass out - take care of yourself & the baby! Where are you doing your clinicals? Keep us posted how it goes! It will fly by...believe me!!! And I'm so impressed you started the IV on your first try...I most certainly did not. :)


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