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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

what to do with all of this "stuff"??

Recently.....I have still been going through boxes....trying to unpack them....trying to figure out where to put the 'stuff'.....and sometimes wondering......why do I still have this 'stuff'?

I came across a box full of sentimental 'stuff' that my mom had carefully packed away for me many years ago.

'Stuff' like this.....

My first Christmas bib that was handmade.....

The little dress that I was baptized in when I was 6 years old....I remember wearing this dress so vividly, too.

Oh drill team uniform from when I was in the 6th grade. Lovely. :)

The jacket from when I was in drill team

This little ballerina outfit that I am sure I wore in one of my dance recitals.

My gymnastics leotard from when I was 5. Those stars on the left didn't come with the leotard. They were added on as I achieved new goals.

This precious little dress that I am sure was made for me and that I wore. I may save this for baby #2 to wear.

And these. These tiny handmade booties. I think Parker's foot would have been too big to ever fit into these! But I did leave them out to try with the new baby just in case.

This cute little jumper and hat monogrammed with my name on it...

And this litte costume I wore in a tap recital when I was 3.

Here's the proof for that one...

And so now....going through this 'stuff' and remembering some of the memories....I am so thankful that my mom kept these things for me. However....I'm at a fork in the road wondering.....what should I still keep? And why? To keep it in a box in our already overstuffed attic?

I do not mean to be negative at all....and seriously....I think I have decided that I am going to get rid of some stuff (i.e. the drill team parafanilia).....and keep some stuff (the dress I was baptized in)....but in the grand scheme of things....keeping this stuff may not really ever serve any purpose for me in the future?

Which brings me to my next point. What do I save for Parker?

There are already a few things I have set aside-- like her first birthday outfit, what we brought her home in the hospital in....

This outfit....I bought this outfit for Parker when I was 7 months pregnant with her. It's the first outfit I ever bought her. I love it. And there's this gnawing feeling in my gut saying to not let it go.

Dramatic? Yes. But what is it inside of us that makes us feel the need to save all of this 'stuff'?

So.....the real question you have stuff like this packed away in boxes full of your old stuff?

And more importantly.....what are you saving for your kids?


Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Great blog! I love seeing all of those things. I think many of those outfits came back in style! I think Parker would like playing dress up in your drill team uniforms. I remember when I was little playing "dress up" in my mom's McDonald's work uniform! hahahaha!!! (Sorry Mom, I told your secret!!)

I would like to say I don't keep much. Cleaning a closet makes me overly excited! Most of the boys things I can pass on to our nephew, but those things I just CAN'T pass on to even our nephew, then I know they are special to me and should be saved. One day the boys may care less about them, but they can be the one to make the decision to throw them away! So, with your things - if they are still special to you and bring back a great memory...keep them and 20 years from now you will enjoy seeing them again.

Sorry this is so long! As you can tell, I get overly excited about cleaning things....and I am one that loves home videos and stuff from my childhood, so this blog got me very excited!!!!!!!

Jodie said...

I keep way too much for my kids..I will let them sort it out later. I LOVE looking back over the boxes of memories I have stored away. I say as long as you have an attic to store them in, keep what brings back good memories.
Great post!

amyomilstead said...

Oh, wow. Love this! I have a toy boxy in my old room at my parent's house that I'm scared to open. Can't part with the stuff, but don't need it just the same. And yet, if it all burned down tomorrow, it wouldn't change my life. Very interesting. Little things that made us who we are...And in reality, this blog...the time you spend daily is more important than anything material. :)

Viv said...

Well sweet girl I remember some of the little outfits and it brought a few tears to my eyes. I say keep it, save whatever you want to of Parker's too. Just think how excited she will feel some day that you kept 'special' items. There's several of my 'little girl' items wish that I had to pass to my granddaughters, like my special 'bride dolls', yes bride dolls were a big thing many years ago. never knew what happened to those. oh well, do what your heart says for your girls and be thankful that your Mom had insight to keep those items for you to choose.

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