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Monday, November 9, 2009

29 weeks and update!

I had planned on posting last 28 weeks....the beginning of the third trimester....and give a little baby update since I went for my 28 week check-up....but I obviously never made it around to doing that.

But I will today.

Nothing too exciting to report....
  • As of last week, I was measuring 2 weeks ahead. The doctor looked back at how I measured with Parker at 28 weeks...and as it turns out...I was measuring 2 weeks ahead with her, too!
  • Her heartbeat was beating regularly at about 130 beats per minute....which is good/normal.
  • My blood pressure is good....but been kind of low. It has concerned me some because I get light-headed fairly easy. But when I talked to the doctor...he was not really concerned...just said I'm not drinking enough fluids....which I kind of already thought, but just wanted to make sure. And he also told me to be sure to sit down before I actually passed out. Umm...I think I got it! :)
  • I had my glucose screening....I haven't heard anything back so that's good!
  • And the most fun part about it all.....I had gained TEN pounds since my last appointment 4 weeks previously!! I was in shock. Disbelief! I made the nurse weigh me again. And it was true. The doctor asked me if I had been doing anything different over the past 4 weeks.....I said, "No." I wanted to say, "No....I haven't done a thing different. I eat anything and everything I want and I don't exercise one bit." But I refrained. He told me I should walk with this nice weather. I told him I was in nursing school. I didn't make excuses, nor promises to start walking. I think we understood each other. :) {Don't get me wrong...I do want to be healthy for this baby....but seriously- we do the best we can. Can I do better? Sure. Am I? A little.}
  • So I have gained a whopping 26 pounds thus far.....and at this point for Parker I had only gained 16 pounds! But....this time I started out 10 pounds lighter than I did with basically....I weigh the exact same amount now as I did when I was pregnant with Parker at 28 weeks. Did you get all of that?? Good. I've been needing to get that off of my chest!
So basically- we are just be-bopping along. Counting down the days (literally) until I am done with this nursing school thing so I can focus on my family again!


Just for fun....

Here are a few belly photos I put together to see how we've progressed....

{you can click on the picture to make it's just a poor quality photo, though}


Kristin said...

You are growing!!! I wouldn't worry about the weight gain part too much, you look the same everywhere except your belly, which is Grace!!

Jodie said...

Lookin' Good! I can't believe you are almost in single digit countdown weeks!

Crystal said...

Still beautiful! Can't wait to meet her!!

Jamie said...

You look so good! I really miss you! Please call me when you get a chance!

Emily Fendley Miranda said...

I loooove the comparison of bellies you did!! It's AMAZING. :)


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