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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 weeks old.

Actually...yesterday was 3 weeks from her birth. However...I was unavoidably detained last night she decided that she only wanted to nap 1 hour in a 7 hour period....and....she decided she needed to eat at least every other hour, if not more. But....the good thing is.....I remembered that babies usually have a growth spurt between, or right around, 3-4 weeks....where they seem to be a little extra fussy....a little more needy....and seem to eat an awful lot. Followed by the next day...where they seem to do a little extra sleeping...which is nice.

But I did manage to take these pictures yesterday....on her actual 3 week birthday....

So anyway...things are going pretty well around here. She is eating about every 3 hours during the day....and at the nighttime she'll go anywhere from 2-5 hours at a time between I don't really have any complaints. Sure....I like it when she'll go for longer...however...I know it could be much worse....and really....she is usually going around 3-4 I am happy with that!

She is also spending more time awake during the day.

And although she is a very good baby (in my opinion)....she is also starting to do a little more of this.....

And here is big sis to step in and tell her "It's oh-tay baby guh-race! I make you feel better." But it was even funnier (more funny?) last night when Grace was very fussy and I was sitting on Parker's bed...trying to finish up bedtime stories...and Parker said, "Calm down, baby Guh-race. What's duh matter?"....very similar to what we say to her when she is crying for apparently no reason. Haha!

I absolutely love this next picture. No words to describe it. Just love it. Makes my heart melt or something.

And although my first born never took to having a pacifier when she was a baby....she has since become interested in them, at times, since the birth of her baby sister. And although we are not condoning this....I do tell her in a nonchalant way how "pie-er fie-ers" are for babies....not big girls......and I try not to make a huge deal out of it for fear that it would only encourage her. At this point I'm not worried because she loses interest pretty fast....but I just want to remember this.

Another fun thing about our 3 week old...are her funny faces. She is full of them....

I'll have to admit...she furrows her brow quite a bit! Haha!


And I had to include these. We spend a lot of time at home...with the weather being so cold and just not wanting to get Grace around too many people.....and we rarely get out of our pajamas! I love it when she actually gives me a good smile.

Then she asked me to get Lovey's picture, too.

So proud, she is.

And here she's asking me to take another one. It makes me smile looking at these.


Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

All of those pictures made me smile too!

Jodie said...

I love the pictures. I do really like the one of Parker looking at Grace and Grace putting her finger to Parker's mouth. Very sweet!

Kristin said...

Those were great!! I love seeing Parker with her baby sister!! Oh.. and Lovey too!


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