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Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Calendar

When I was pregnant with Parker...I started a scrapbook that basically catalogued my pregnancy through her first year (although- I stopped at her 10 month I still have some work to do to finish it up). I made a commitment to myself then...that if I were to have anymore kids...that I would do the same.

Well....2 and a half years later....I have that second child...and have yet to start her scrapbook.

On the upside...I have this blog...something that I did not start until Parker was 6 months old. So this has done a decent job of writing down my thoughts and posting pictures. But there are still those things....even smaller things that I don't blog about that I'd still like to remember.

I have word documents saved on my laptop with each of the girls names that I can go to to write certain things down like "words that Parker says incorrectly, but it's so cute I don't want to forget." But even this isn't always accessible when I need it.

I found another idea in a scrapbook magazine (back when I was scrapbooking :) that said to hang up a calendar next to the changing table and jot things down as they happen. I thought this was a great idea...I many times a day are you standing at the changing table? I did not ever get around to doing this with Parker, but for Grace I wanted to make sure I did get around to doing it because I want to be able to write down/remember some of the little things that I wrote down/remembered for Parker. (well- that was a mouthful!) my point. Sometimes it takes me a while.

I wasn't looking for a fancy fact....I wasn't really looking for one at all. I just wanted a plain white monthly view of the calendar with little squares with the date in them so that I could write things in them. But 2 weeks ago...I visited Borders Books to find a calendar to hang on our refrigerator....and found this!

I could do without some of the decorations on the front....but it was a total accident that I found it...and even was on clearance for $4.00!!!! What a steal!

I like how this calendar is laid out...beginning with a page of her first picture along with her stats and information... entitles each new month with Your First Month, Your Second Month, etc. And you're able to add a picture for that month....

Although this is not a scrapbook....this calendar offers a little more than a 'regular' calendar.

So this is what I am doing....

I hung it up right beside her changing table....

Then I am able to write down the little (or big) things that her "birth-day...", her "2 week well-visit" along with those stats...

Her "one-month birthday"...

And her "first bottle...which was given by her Daddy"

Maybe one day I will get around to scrapbooking for her...but at least this way...I have the information needed regardless.


Jodie said...

That is what I did for Kyle. I believe you gave me the idea and I loved it. I kept track of so much more having it right there in his room.

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

That is a great idea!

Megan said...

What a GREAT idea!!!! I was just telling Jeff the other day that I wish I would have done a calendar like this with Hayden! Oh well, maybe IF there is a number 2, I will do it. ;-)

Love it!!

Kristin said...

You told me the idea too... and I have never done it.. although I do have the calendar so I just was lazy and didn't do it! Now I wish I would have!


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