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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From Hawaii and other happenings.

I had a really good mother's day this year. Geoff did really well. Maybe sometimes I am hard to please......ahem.....and so Geoff was very thoughtful in what he got.

I love coffee.

So much.

And it's been especially useful since I quit breastfeeding back in January and went back to work. When I was nursing......I would buy a medium roast blend and drink it right as I was nursing her in the that any lingering caffeine would hopefully be gone before my next feeding (I think I over analyze things maybe).

So since the nursing has been complete.......I am a binge caffeine drinker.

Ok- maybe not really a binge caffeine drinker....that's probably not the right word. But I will say- that I am now drinking extra bold coffee (I am needing the 'extra' caffeine these days to function)......and I may drink 2 cups instead of my 1 cup limit. And then I will even have 1-2 caffeinated beverages again later in the day.


Mostly because I can. ;)

Moving on......

So in addition to my spa package 'credit card' (it's a gift card but Parker thinks that gift cards are credit cards and so that's what she calls them) a spa where I will receive a 1 hour massage, facial, mani, and pedi {So looking forward to this}.....I received these in the mail yesterday....

Kona coffee. From Hawaii. My dad had brought us home a package last year from their trip and I really liked it. It's just really smooth.....and not harsh tasting like some can be. Anyway.....

This note was attached to my bags of coffee that was written by the people who sent me the coffee.

Thank you, Geoff. For being so thoughtful (as you always are) on this mother's day. It was the best! And not just because of the coffee (and the spa day....although these greatly help, hehe). But because I am so blessed to be the mother of our 2 girls, and to be spending my life with you as we raise them. Love you.


This morning we did some checking in on our garden. I guess Geoff checks everyday, but I rarely do. It's like I forget it's there. Weird, I know.

I have mentioned before that we have a lot of squash coming in......and today we decided to pick one...

I told Grace to show me her squash. And that she did..

Those on the right are our 4 squash plants that are taking over. To the left....are the pickling cucumbers. We have a lot of baby pickling cucumbers and I am really hoping that they grow in well because I am looking forward to making some pickles! Yummy. My mouth is watering. My granny (and now my cousin, Marcie, too) make the best homemade pickles.

We got this strawberry plant topsy turvy because it was 50% off and I thought, "why not".....and I am proud to announce that we did get a strawberry. I don't care much to eat it. But still proud we got it. ;)

This is Parker's sunflower plant.

Our overgrown cilantro.

The plant with the small leaves are our tomatillo plants. We are a little perplexed at how they are growing, but really- we have no idea what to expect since we've never grown them before anyway.

We came in and Geoff immediately got on the computer to look up what the squash should look like (because ours looks a little on the bumpy side).....and turns out.....our squash is more like a winter squash than a summer squash. And just so you know- I have no idea what that means, but it's what Geoff said. (And I'll also interject here.....that Geoff paused during his 'research' to let me know that I was being annoying taking pictures of everything. ;)

He even got out a tape measure (we're weird like that). Supposedly... we are supposed to pick our squash when it is about 6 inches long. So there you have it.....


Then, later in the afternoon I just had fun hanging out with my girlies.

Parker gave us a concert....singing and dancing.....flailing about......she'd just get louder and louder the more I cheered her on. It cracked me up.

Let's not forget Grace......with her big 'cheese' smile. I love it. Can't get enough.

Back to Parker and her performance......

And her final applaud began.

And here- she is trying not to smile.

We are still in the 'terrible 3s'.......but she is still so fun. The things she comes up with. She's really into pretending....and can come up with the craziest stories. And I love it.

Here....she is cornering Grace telling her something really important.

Grace is not interested and wants Parker to leave her alone. ;)

My little stinker poser.

She loves to wave 'byebye.'  And so she did as she was getting into her car.

Sister won't give me a kiss if I ask at any given time.  She will give me a smirk and defiantly say, "No!" (yes- she is only 15 months old).  But for some reason- if she is pretending to go 'byebye'- she will always give me a kiss.  So I take advantage.  And in the next 2 pictures- she is leaning in....and 'puckering up' in her own kiss me 'byebye'.

She thinks she is hot snot walking around with her own juice packet.....

And opens her mouth after each sip and makes a smacking-type noise that you would make after taking that first sip of a cold soft drink on a hot summer day.  Does that make sense?  Do you know what I am talking about?  So hard to articulate that sound, but I know you know.

And then placed her drink in the 'back seat.'  Speaking of.  I need to go see if it's still there......

So a little later- we had dinner.  I made us bean and cheese nachos.  Parker finished first and was working on her sticker mosaics in the living room.  Grace finished last (typical).....and before I got up.....she was reaching for my salsa......because she's really into dipping things these days.....and she won't stop until you give her whatever it is that she wants to dip her food in.   And it just so happened to be in a glass bowl.  To which- I ignorantly gave it to her.

Needless to say......about 5 minutes later....... she started to pick up the salsa bowl with her food-laden hands and started to say, "Aaahhh-nun!"....when it slipped through her slippery fingers and shattered on the ground beneath her.

We locked eyes with each other for a good 30 seconds....when she broke the silence with, "Uuuuh.....ooooh."

To which Parker interjected, "Mooommy.  Just remember......accidents happen."

Thanks, Parker.  ;)

So as I was cleaning up the mess- the girls were so good and played by themselves. 

I didn't want her to look at me.....but I distracted her from playing when I took Parker's pictures.  And she just started giving me her 'cheesing it' smile.  Which I love.  She's so into it....and I seriously cannot look at these pictures without smiling a huge smile and laughing.   I. Love. It.

I started to get close because I just eat this up....and she leaned in.  So funny to me.  (On a side note.....her eyes are always closed because she closes them when she smiles....not because she's blinking)

Then she gave me the picture I had originally wanted......her playing so well by herself. (a rarity, btw).

Then I sat down on the floor to play with them, and she immediately stood up....and picked up this heavy wooden 'Noah's ark' and plopped it down right in front of me to play with her.

I don't have any pictures of us working together......but I helped Parker complete her sticker mosaic.  I had the best time with her.  She stopped midway through and jumped in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and said, "Mommy, I'm so happy you're home with me today."  I tear up writing it, and I teared up then......

I'm not sure how I got this picture to take this way....but I kinda like it.

I told her to step back just a little so she wouldn't be too close in the picture....and so, of course, her 3-year-old self had to take it to the extreme and go too far.

And then finally got her to move a little closer.

Today was a really good day.  It seems like lately- the days I have off with them alone they tend to be really whiny and difficult.  I, in turn, blame myself thinking that they must be acting this way since they miss me.  I should probably give myself a break and just realize (and I do know) that kids are just going to have their off days.

But today- it was all on.

I just soaked them up.

My cup runneth over.


Snider Family said...

haha, I am still laughing at Geoff saying you were being an annoying picture taker. I burst out laughing to myself when I read that!! I fact, I am still smiling!

Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Viv said...

glad you had a wonderful day with your girls. I loved the Kona coffee from Hawaii too. At the Hollywood house we surely have 'champagne taste on a beer pocketbook' when it comes to coffee. The garden looks wonderful too by the way!


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