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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden update.

Saturday was a beautiful day, but the morning was a little chilly.  We all headed outside to play for a bit and do some checking up on the garden.

This little missy was covered in sand.  Covered.  She was wearing a sleeper (bad choice, I know)....and somehow had a diaper full of sand?  She is a mess!  But I am really loving this age and phase that we are in with the girls.  They are playing together more and more and it's just fun seeing them together.

Moving on.

We are getting more tomatoes, but they don't seem to be turning red at all.  Anyone know about how long this takes?

This......this is the plant that I keep referring to as Parker's sunflower.......but- it is not.  I don't know why I thought it was, but I misunderstood, and it is really a corn plant.

I know I've said it before, but this squash is out of control.  I finally convinced Geoff to cut it back some because it was starting to take over our pickling cucumbers.  And while I like squash.....I really like homemade pickles!

The tomatillo plant is still growing and branching out, but I haven't seen it bloom yet.

Isn't it amazing how these plants grow?  This is the pickling cucumber plant......and it vines out and just twists and twirls around.  I really am in awe of such a thing.

We have lots of these little prickly guys, and I just keep waiting for them to get bigger.  I get worried that there is something wrong with them, but then not sure if maybe I am just part paranoid and part impatient.

THIS is the sunflower plant.  Geoff attached a stick to the stem to make it more sturdy.  I just didn't realize how big these get.

We have another corn plant back in this garden (not pictured)....and so we decided to transplant the corn plant mentioned above, to this garden so it would have more room to grow.

I thought I was doing good by getting out all of the weeds in this pot.....when Geoff got onto me and said I was pulling out some of the plants.    So he replanted them.  He calls this the 'Surprise Garden' because we don't really know what we are going to get.  They are from some of the seeds that we planted and didn't keep up with what was what. 

And we are starting to get some jalapenos.


Kristin said...

Looking good! I would love some homemade pickles!! But, ya'll should make more okra because that was some good stuff!!!

Viv said...

garden looks great! girls are precious as usual too.


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