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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our day in Instagrams.

We woke up bright and early!

Grace had oatmeal, strawberries, and yogurt.  (again- she smiles by saying "chiz!" and closes her eyes).

Parker had Rice Krispies and strawberries.

We played outside for a bit then woke up Geoff.  He made eggs and sausage for us.  And to our surprise (and enjoyment)....the girls pretty much entertained themselves for almost an hour while we ate, picked up, and even finished up the blog post from earlier.

We had lunch outside.....the weather has been so nice.  This is my favorite weather and I am trying to enjoy it so much because I know the heat will be blazing soon.

Sister was just reaching over and grabbing Parker's food right off of her plate!  And Parker would say {oddly{, "That's ok.  She can have my food."  Whatever.

After we lunch, we played for a bit.  Then nap time for Grace and 'quiet time' for me and Parker.

After nap, we headed to Target.

I put Grace in this big girl seat thing that holds 2 kids for the first time.  She liked it ok.....but I really think they maybe should put timers on those cart.......then I'd set it for 15 minutes total....with a 5 minute warning beep........ because that's about all they allow!   But we made it.  And although I had a list.....I came up with 5 things that I forgot just on the way home.  (Yes- that's a soft pretzel in her hand that kept her entertained for about 10 minutes when she'd still ask for more, only to throw it on the ground).

Part of my bribing bargaining with Parker to get her to be excited about going to Target and being good, was that we could get her dress.  In my mind....I'm thinking- "we can get her a little spring dress....$10 tops."  Well.....she ran a little bit ahead of me and when she found what she wanted....she said loudly, "Mommy....come look over here.....Look!!  See!!! This is the dress I want."  Seriously??  This was a foo-foo nice dress that had the Disney princess's on it.....and luckily- it was 18 mo, not 3T!  haha.

So I quickly eyed the swimsuits and began distracting her.  And they really had some cute ones....but then she saw Little Mermaid and was sold.  It was $10 and I was going to get her another one regardless.  But the deal is.....I have already bought the girls swimsuits that I love.....and I already know that this dear, sweet 3 year old will probably only wear this Little Mermaid one for the entire summer......

When we got home.....she had to put on her swimsuit and open her new Little Mermaid toothbrush immediately.

I picked up a bit then got dinner together.  We had pancakes, yogurt, strawberry applesauce, chicken nuggets.....not all of us had everything listed, but you get the picture.  I did not feel like cooking and didn't want to eat we made do.

Grace stacked her yogurt into her applesauce container......and she is such a messy eater (as expected, I suppose).....but it's because we cannot feed her.....not even help her.  She throws a fit if we even touch the spoon.  Not even kidding.  It bothers me at times, not just because of the mess....but because of how much we waist with all that she drops!  But she's getting better and I've discovered that if I give her a smaller spoon it helps a bit.  (On a side note....this is what we wanted, though.  With Parker, we caudled her and never really let her get messy.....and we thought maybe that's why she was a picky eater.  With Grace- we just let her have it....and if she doesn't like it...she'll either a) throw it on the floor, or b) if it sits on her plate long enough, I've learned that she'll sometimes just eat it).

We finished off the evening with a bubble bath (the girls, not me), calling Gramma, Word World, then THREE books.  We usually only do 1 and sometimes 2 if I'm feeling extra nice.  But tonight I was feeling extra, extra nice, and thought, "so what's 5 more minutes?"

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Viv said...

Looks like a wonderful day to me!


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