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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Day and Our Caterpillars

We had a good 'pajammie' day at home today.

I made the girls 'muffin tin' lunches...(strawberries, raisins, peanut butter crackers, cucumbers from our garden, and vanilla yogurt.

This is my 3 year old's face when she was SO very disappointed in the cucumbers being on her 'plate' because she "does not like cucmbers!'  

She's never had cucumbers.

Grace's lunch.  Everything the same minus the raisins.

She seemed happy about it.

Her smile.....or her attempt at smiling....just cracks me up.

Sweet, sweet girl.

We have a winner with the peanut butter crackers.

She is messy, to say the very least.

She doesn't really throw a fit if she does not like something on her plate like her sister does.  She just merely sets it off of her plate.  Either on the table....or on the floor.

And one last picture of big me a 'stop taking my picture' look.  One day she'll appreciate it though.  Right?

Grace's mess.

I am linking up with Muffin Tin Mom for Muffin Tin Mondays.  Click on over to see other great muffin tin meal ideas!


In other news......we got our caterpillars in a week or so ago.  They looked like this.  They were quite a bit bigger than they were when we got them last year......

 This morning at 8:47 I took a picture of all of the caterpillars.  I do not know if these caterpillars are on steroids, or what....but they just seem to be growing so much faster than last time.  I am sure they are not, I am just not here everyday to stare at them like I was then.

Anyway- the point of my story is that this morning they were all taking position in their 'J-shape' and then form a chrysalis.

This was my picture at 8:47....only the 1 on the right is a chrysalis.  Can you see the others in the J-shape?

And this is seriously 3 hours later.  They are all (minus 1) a chrysalis!

The lone caterpilliar.....

It is really amazing to watch this process.  If this kind of transformation takes place in these is only a smidge of an illustration of what goes on to form a human being.  What a miracle.  Seriously.

Guess we'll have butterflies in a few days!  I had ordered the caterpillars thinking that would jump start me into getting lessons together for Parker and to get back in the swing of things, but I have been lacking.  My NICU residency ends on Thursday so I am hoping to get settled into our new normal soon and get back to doing our 'fun' learning.  Hoping... being the operative word here.  ;)


Anonymous said...

Granny missed you all at her house
love you very much and hope to see
you next time.

Viv said...

wonderful pics, and no matter what you do with your time with them it's all good and precious!

Anonymous said...

I have a happy eat too. Loved your pictures.


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