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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, Monday.

 I've started working the night shift this past week, so we have been trying to get adjusted to a new 'normal' around here.

I worked on Saturday and Sunday night, and so I came home this morning as Geoff was leaving to take the girls to the pediatrician for Grace's 15 month well visit (one month late)....and I was off to sleep.

I got up around 2pm.....played outside with Parker and Geoff for a bit while Grace finished up her nap.  Since this afternoon was our 'weekend'.....we headed to the harbor to eat on the patio (it was such a beautiful day here.....sun shining with a cool breeze).  I think Grace has reached the age where we might need to stay home for a while.  She is still into her food, but before the food comes and when she is done....there is no entertaining.  But we went early, so there weren't too many people there for us to bother.

After dinner we walked around for a bit.

There was a cheerleader whose parents were taking pictures of her......and so Parker would run up to a few things and pose and say, "Mommy- take a picture of me."   So funny.

And poor baby Grace.  I was sitting on a bench with her while waiting for Geoff and Parker to have a restroom break.....and plump!  Head first onto the unforgiving concrete.  She kept wanting to get up and down, up and down.....and I was helping her each time, but this time.....I was too late.  I felt (still do) feel horrible.

I'm pretty sure she's going to have a black eye from this.  ;(

Grace didn't cry for long and she was off chasing her sister.  But then we got into the car- and she was fussy again.

But it was nothing a limeade and ice cream from Braum's couldn't fix.


Kristin said...

POOR Grace!! That looks like it hurts!!

Cracks me up at the pictures of Parker posing! Made me laugh out loud!!!

Glad ya'll were able to have a nice family afternoon!!!

Jodie said...

I love the pictures and the one of the shadows, so creative!


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