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Friday, December 2, 2011

A busy week!

It's been another full week around here.  I keep waiting for things to slow down, and I don't really know why.....because I think I know better.  ;)


We have officially started wearing our Christmas outfits.  I hope to get several wears out of each outfit we made this year!


This past Sunday was Geoff's birthday.  It was totally unplanned....but worked out at the last minute for the girls to go and stay at Kristin's for the night.  So with that news- I surprised Geoff with a night away at the new Dallas Omni hotel that just opened on 11-11-11.  They had special rates going for cyber Monday and for the new opening of the hotel so it really worked out!  We don't really ever do these getaways- I guess once in the past 4 year......we always talk ourselves out of it because of the cost...and why stay at a hotel when we have our home. was nice to not have to come home to our mess and responsibility and to not have to clean and see all that needed to be done.  It was a nice little retreat.  And the next morning- it was back to life!  ;)

One of the neat/silly things is.....that our room number was actually the house number to our first home.  Quirky, I know.  ;)

Everything was so clean and nice and new.

TV in the mirror in the bathroom. 

And of pictures of us.  ;)


I got my new Erin Condren planner in the mail and love it!  I got a special voucher a few weeks back for $17.50.  So I basically got this $50 planner for $17.50.  


I tried taking a picture of Grace on morning this week.  She is so fun and silly these days.  I just love her to pieces.  Anyway- she wouldn't smile....because this is 'funny' to her.  And she would put the clothes in front of her face every time I asked her to look.

Then Parker asked for me to take her picture....

And so, of course, then Grace was ready for me to take her picture......


We visited the pediatric eye doctor this week...only this time for Parker instead of Grace.  As I've mentioned before- I am very far-sighted, and have been since before I was 3.  She has always passed her vision screen at the pediatrician until her last 2 visits.  With my history, we decided to have her checked out.

Good news is- she is only slightly far-sighted.  He said that on exam it appeared that her eye acted like it wanted to turn in to focus, but that she would correct it herself and was doing well.  He said that she will most likely grow out of it.  If we start noticing her eyes turning in when she is tired or not feeling well, then we can bring her back in.  Otherwise- we will just do yearly check-ups.

But the main reason I am sharing this- is that I was so proud of her.  When the lady came in and had her read the letters on the wall, and cover her eye with the princess eye patch....she did so good.  Not just reading the letters, but it was so funny to see her smile- almost like she was excited for this 'performance.'  I wanted to take pictures during the exam, but refrained.  ;)  She's getting so big.  Makes my heart hurt a little.  But joyous all the same.

There were a few tears after dilation....and the almost 3 hours we were there.....but she did so well.

I had brought her sunglasses because I knew she would need them, but she doesn't really like them, so to appease me....she would wear them like this.  She wasn't trying to be funny, but really trying to do what I had asked her to do.

Originally- I was going to have to take Grace with me, but it ended up working out that Geoff was able to stay home with her.  He sent me this picture of her dressing up in one of my tees and my flats.


We've got a busy, but fun weekend planned.  Happy Friday!


life rearranged


Viv said...

Precious outfits and precious pics. Proud that Parker did so well at the eye doctor and happy for the good report. Grace is really growing and her hair is growing too! It must've sped up growing since you trimmed it or something. Glad ya'll got a way for a night at the new Hotel & thanks for sharing those pics as usual.

Megan said...

I am so glad that you and Geoff got to go away for a night. I know it was a much needed and much deserved night.

Of course the girls are precious! :-)

And yay for Parker for doing so well at the doctor! That is awesome!


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