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Sunday, July 7, 2013

the weekend

The weekend started on Friday evening.  It wasn't too hot and there was a nice we let the girls walk their babies up and down the sidewalk for a bit.

Saturday morning started bright and early (as all of our days do, ha!).  The girls usually sit at the table together and watch a few cartoons.  On this morning...while I was getting their breakfast together...Grace leaned over and kissed Parker out of the blue (I think on the arm or cheek) and then just went right back to watching the show.  It was so sweet.

Napping baby in arms. =)

Then Saturday night.  Saturday night was our first date night since long before the baby!  Before we left- Geoff ran to Starbucks to get me a mocha frappuchino ....and with an extra shot!  It was an extra special treat since I could have that extra caffeine and not worry about it effecting the baby.

 We went to the movies first and saw The Heat.  It's not an Academy Award winning movie or anything, but it was kind of cute and funny...just a light-hearted, fun film.

After the movies- we met up with my friend, Carissa, and her husband for dinner.  They are in town visiting for just a short time and I was excited that our schedules worked out for us to get together.  I've known Carissa since elementary school and we've lost touch here and there, but have recently reconnected and we had such a good time visiting.  Having adult conversation.  And Geoff and I didn't talk about our kids all night.  :)  I'm just bummed I didn't get a picture with her.

Sunday afternoon- my sister and her family came over and headed to the neighborhood pool with Geoff and the girls.  I stayed home with Nolan...did a little picking up...and made some homemade strawberry ice cream.  We had made snickers ice cream on the 4th and it turned out kind of runny....but this batch of ice cream turned out creamy and oh so good.

 We made chicken and beef fajitas, queso. and homemade guacamole.  It was all so good.  What can I say?  We love food.

Geoff took Nolan so I could eat first.  So sweet of him.   {He was overjoyed that I was taking his picture.}

Aunt Sis, Uncle Phil and Payton {aunt sissy was trying to calm Nolan down}

After our company left...we wound down a little bit by watching Merry Madagascar (???)  on Netflix and Nolan spent some time on his play mat.  All on her own...she cuddled up beside him...and covered him up with her blankie.

And now...time to start another week.  My last week before I return to work.  I've enjoyed spending weekends with my family...having cookouts and such....(which was something we were not able to do very much of while I was working)....and just being home with my kids every day.  It will be quite an adjustment for all, but we'll make it work again just like we did before.


Sanz said...

I love your dining table and cute curtains! Looks like a fabulous weekend. What kind of work do you do?

Kristin said...

Thanks for having us over!!! It was YUM!

Viv said...

So sweet....Grace and Parker seem to be so good with Nolan. (as usual the food looks so yummy!)


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