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Saturday, July 6, 2013


About a week ago, my roommate and best friend from college, Jamie (and her family) came into town for a visit.  She brought me some Triscuits and Easy Cheese (so so gross, but so good....and staple in our home during the college years) along with an Us Magazine.  :)

Times.  They have changed since our  college days (for many obvious reasons).....and they've really changed over the past 5 or so years when Parker and I visited them. (Abby @ 9 mo and Parker @ 3 mo)

Always fun to look back.

Anyway....they came up on Thursday and we just hung around the house.  The kids always take a day to get while they did get along....they didn't play very much together.  All of our toys/stuff are 'new' to them...and my kids are over their 'stuff'.   Just the way it goes, I suppose. 
We had lunch and they played a little more....then settled in (somewhat) for a little 'quiet time' and Barbie movie.   They always come together for Barbie!  :)
Parker, Grace, Garner, and Abby

The next day....we met up with them at the Dallas World Aquarium.  I went back and forth several times on whether or not I should go.  I knew I'd have Jamie and Angelo's help, but still....we had 6 kids all together so we were still gravely outnumbered.  :)  

Parker and Grace (and Nolan, too, for the most part) did SO good at the aquarium (Jamie's kids did well, too!).  There weren't really any fits/meltdowns and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Jamie and Grace

I wish I would have gotten a better picture here....but they were all looking at the sea otters and they'd swim right up beside the kids and they'd go crazy giggly and just loved it.

Henry and Grace

Nolan woke up about half way through.

We got through with the aquarium around 11:00 and since we were so close....we walked just down the street to Spaghetti Warehouse.  Nolan fell asleep and I thought he would stay asleep since he'd been up quite a while at the museum, but no.  He had other plans and was pretty fussy nearly the whole lunch.  We all took turns with him (and it was no such luck!)...until I finally put him back in carseat and stroller and took him for a little walk outside to get him back to sleep.

We had so much fun with these guys and can't wait to go visit them later this summer!

So yes...A lot has changed in the past 5 years when we just had the 2 girls (1 each).  
(Abby @ 18 mo, Parker @ 1 yr)

We've since added 4 more kiddos to the mix! (all kids pictured here minus Nolan ....who was finally sleeping in the stroller).


Kristin said...

Such a fun day!!!! They are growing too fast!

Viv said...

Beautiful, precious Families!


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