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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The girls started swim lessons back in March (I think.  All of the months start running together).  And Parker went each week for a few weeks practically kicking and screaming.  She had gotten to where she swam pretty well and went under water without a problem by the end of last summer....but here we were back at square 1.  For Grace- she wasn't scared to go under or anything like that....just lacking in skills (which is why she is in lessons).

So we get to May...Parker is still making little we enroll her in a fast-track class (going 4x a week for 2 weeks instead of only once a week).  And this consistency...along with many trips to our neighborhood pool with Daddy...did the trick!

I haven't made it to the pool yet this summer for several reasons.  1) I do not care to put on a swim suit. and 2) {my saving grace} I feel like Nolan is too young to get in the pool (if we had our own it would be totally different).  So we just stay behind and Geoff takes the girls. 3) I do not care to put on a swim suit.

One Saturday morning- Nolan was up from his nap early and so I grabbed my camera and we headed to the pool to hopefully see the girls swimming and get a few pictures.

They have grown leaps and bounds in their swimming and I'm so proud.

Little Grace jumping in.

...and back...

And Parker.

The whole time they were saying, "Watch this Mommy.  Watch me."


Kristin said...

They both are doing so good! Such a big change in them both since they started swim lessons!

Viv said...

Such big girls! You would look fine in a swimsuit! You are beautiful!


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