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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cards.

I know I bring up the subject all of the time about how time flies and how Parker is growing so fast and how much has changed in our family's life in just a few short years. So here is yet another example of just how much it's changed.

This is the picture that we used in our Christmas card in 2006...

Aren't they sweet? These were our two dogs at the time...Lola on the left, and Lily on the right. They were our babies. They were our babies until Parker was born and then they became our dogs. They are actually both very good dogs. Now, Lily lives with my cousin and her family, and to be honest, is living it up. I do believe she has a much better life than we would have given her.

Ok- and then onto Christmas Card 2007. We did a picture of Parker.

Here- she is 3 months old. I actually have her "sitting" in her bumbo seat, but hid it with her dress and some cropping. It kind of looks planned, but the leaning to the left was really just because she wasn't really strong enough to stay sitting straight up by herself for long periods of time.

And then for the 2008 card we decided to do one family picture (to change it up a bit), and then 2 of her by herself.

So we see yet again just how much changes in such a little amount of time!


Anonymous said...

tYour family photo is great, you are all so photogenic! Merry Christmas!
Love ya'll, Emmy

Viv said...

Wonderful pics! Can't wait to get mine!


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