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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


They are my new found friend. You see- I have seen them on blogs before. They're the things at the bottom of each post, below the part that says "posted by marla..." and it says "Labels." This is the place where I can put in a label (hence the name) about what the blog I just wrote is about.

For example.....the blog I wrote last week about Parker's chapstick fiasco.....I labeled it "Parker" and "Video." That way- if your toodling along...minding your own business... and then for some odd get the urge to see how Parker puts on chapstick....all you have to do is.....

1. Go to the left hand side of the blog
2. Scroll down until you come to the section labeled "Labels"
3. Then pick the label of the one that you want to see (for can click on "Video" and it will take you to all of the blogs that I have labeled "Video"...or you could even click on "Parker" and it would take you to all of the posts that I have labeled to be about Parker).



Nifty how all of that works out, huh?

SO....I am now in the process of going through and labeling all 192 posts that I have ever written. This project will probably be going on for a while....that's just if I'm being honest with myself...

I realize that this may not be of any interest to you now or ever. But I am really excited about it because for me, sometimes I want to go back and look at a specific post, but can't remember when or where it would be. So I am thinking that this will help. It will be all nice and neat and organized. Something I strive to do in my life, but rarely happens.

I also know that this is old news to some because you are smart and just did this from the beginning of your blog....but sometimes I am just a little slow to catch on to some of the most simple (or is it simplest?) things.

Such is life....


Kristin said...

Thanks for doing that, so now when I keep Parker and she continues to say bah bah bah.... then I can go straight to the videos!!!

Viv said...

I love it! I actually do go back on the blog and look at pics and video all the time. They make my day!


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