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Sunday, April 5, 2009

[no subject]

Well- here are the cupcake bites that I made yesterday and today....

I just think they are the cutest thing. But really...Bakerella makes them so cute. (Go ahead... go look and see how cute they are on her site...) {how many times can I say "cute" in one paragraph? Geez!} Oh- and they taste so good, too!

When I had started this endeavor on Saturday plans were to make the Easter egg pops and the little chickens....but it became too late too fast and I became demotivated even faster. I still can't make these cupcake bites look nice and neat...much less little furry animals!

But I have literally made myself sick off of these! Just one here and there has somehow added up to me eating about 8. I think. Maybe 10. But what kind of person actually counts these things?? Yikes! But to save face to myself....I tell myself that it is actually a good thing that I made myself sick of them so that now I am done eating them and they can be sitting in the same house as me and I am fine. Not tempted one bit! And this is true.


And this is just something that I wanted to share to fellow bloggers or to anyone who is thinking about starting a blog of their own. One of my friends had told me a while ago about how you can turn your blog into a book....which I thought was really neat and I was very interested....but I never invested the time to try to find that "place." Well- through another blog....I found it! SO- if you are interested in making a book out of your is a site called Blurb.

I think I am going to try to start working on mine when school is out for the summer. My plan is to make a book for each we'll see. Anyway- just wanted to share!


Kristin said...

Those do look cute... they look nice and good. You are too hard on yourself!

Although, they do not sound good to me right now, mom made me granny's chocolate cake and YEAH I have just about eaten the whole thing, so I feel pretty sick actually. So don't feel bad about eating 8 or 10.

Anonymous said...

You are crazy. Those look fabulous and I can tell that you have improved from last time!

Viv said...

They look very yummy to me!

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

The cake balls are very cute!! I want to eat 8 or 10 of them too!! YUMMY!!!

Thanks for the Blurp info. I am downloading it right now!

Unknown said...

Love the cake balls. You did a great job.

Milstead said...

The cake balls are adorable. I'm so impressed.

And thanks for the info about blurb. That's really awesome. What a great idea!

Jennifer said...

I love these! I'm totally making them on our next special occasion! They are darling!


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