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Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's never a good idea.... let your 2 year old walk around with a marker.

Come closer....let me tell you a quick, little story, if I may.

Geoff and I have both been guilty of giving Parker the dry erase marker and letting her write on this....

We tell her "only on the board!" And to be honest.....this was successful for quite some time.

However, things like writing on her pink chair...

...and on her sheets....and our sheets....began happening.

Sunday afternoon: I tell Geoff, "You know...we really shouldn't let her walk around with those markers. She's two!! And I know we 'teach' her to only write on paper or on the board...but really.....she's two!!"

I thought we were in agreement on this. Thought--being the operative word here.


So Monday....I went into the study and shut the door to get some studying done. Geoff is officially on Parker duty.

Parker comes to the study door and starts saying, "Mommy's working. Mommy's working in there."

I reply, "Yes- Mommy is working," and I continue working.

Next thing I the sound of something similar to the sound of someone writing on a door.

I think, "No!! She couldn't. She wouldn't."

She did.

Never came off with a wet rag. But still! What if it had been the wall?

So now.....I think we (Geoff and me) are definitely in agreement. It was a close call--so to speak.

Thursday morning:

Parker is asking for a pen from Geoff while I am cleaning up the kitchen. No big deal. I see him get up....I think he is getting her a pen....I still don't really think anything of it because I think that he is going to sit there with her.

Three minutes later....I hear, "PARKER ANN!!"

I look up....and find this.....

He had given her a washable marker and did not sit right with her!!!

"Are you kidding me??" I said.

He said, "Don't say anything."

I laughed it off. Took pictures to document this momentous occasion. Checked the new couch for marker marks....NONE. Whew!

And for dramatic are some more pictures of the 'art work' she drew all over her hands and arms. (She has matching marks on her stomach and legs from a different day,as well, but they are not shown here.)

Now......I think we're in agreement. ;)


Kristin said...

I really don't mean to laugh.. but how funny..........

I laughed the hardest when I saw the marker all over her this morning!!! oh goodness!!!!!

The Edwards Family said...

Oh my fear of markers and toddlers was already intense... you just proved my point. hehe she is precious though!

Milstead said...

You mean this isn't what you're supposed to do with markers? I come home from work daily looking like this to a degree. I wish that were a lie.


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