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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conversations in the Car

This afternoon, after nap, we (me and the girls) loaded up and headed to Kristin's to hang out (she's making chili dogs and frito pie). I was spacing out as I usually do when I drive (is this a bad thing?) and talking to Parker at the same time. You know the drill...she talks...I answer without even thinking.

Only today....after she had repeated herself about 4 times....and I had repeated myself about 4 times....I actually started paying attention to what we were saying. I smiled and laughed and thought that I needed to write this remember it. So here I am.

PARKER: Auuuhhh....I love the school bus!! (as a school bus passed by)
ME: You do love the school bus! What color is the school bus?
PARKER: It's white.
ME: It's white??
PARKER: It's orange!
ME: No, it's yellow.
PARKER: It's orange!
ME: No, it's yellow.
PARKER: It's orange.
ME: (at this point I realize I am arguing, although we aren't raising our voices, with her). Ok- it can be orange (and really....they kind of are orange!)

{time elapses}

(I had told her we could stop at Sonic and get a strawberry limeade before we left the house)

PARKER: (as we are driving by) There's Sonic! I get my strawberry limeade!
ME: We have to go to a different Sonic because this one is too busy (due to construction it is a challenge getting in and out of this particular Sonic).
PARKER: That Sonic's too busy. We have to go to a new Sonic.

{time elapses}

PARKER: This is the new Sonic!! It's not too busy.
ME: That's right...this one's not too busy.

{time elapses}

ME: have to leave the lid on your strawberry limeade. OK? Yes m'am??
PARKER: (very enthusiastically) Yes man!!

{time elapses}

PARKER: Lovey is talking to me.
ME: She is?
PARKER: Ya-es.
ME: What is she saying?
PARKER: She says "Ma ma ma ma."
ME: Oh, how sweet! She loves her momma.
PARKER: I have to hold her so she doesn't fall down.

{time elapses}

PARKER: We have to go to Aunt Sis's new house!

{time elapses}

I am about to get her out of the car.

PARKER: Oh know!!!
ME: What??
PARKER: I got wet! My candy canes are wet!! (she is wearing a candy cane pajama top)
ME: It's ok. It will dry.
PARKER: I have to put on a new shirt.
ME: No...we'll put on a new shirt when we get home. Go knock on Aunt Sis's door.

And off she went.


Kristin said...

Funny... sure made me laugh!!!

Jodie said...

Very Funny. That is great that you write this down. It will be so nice to look back on one day.

Viv said...

She(all of you) make me smile!


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