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Monday, February 8, 2010

Grace's Newborn Photos

DSC_0551 softandfaded-warmer

Let me just start off by saying....I wish that we would have just paid someone to take our newborn pictures! Initially- I was so excited to do it ourselves...that is....before she was born. I don't really ever get a chance to practice taking pictures of newborns, so I thought this would be a great opportunity...and we could just do it "whenever." Uh-huh....yeh right!

Anyway- I am still beating myself up about it....we never got any of her with me...or her with Geoff....or any of the 4 of us. But I am learning to let it go. It's just hard because she's only this little once, you know? I'm still not real thrilled with what I am posting, but I am posting because I am 'done'. At least for now. So here they are....







DSC_0551 softandfaded







And this is obviously a 'take-out' since you can see my hands....but I just think her smile is the sweetest thing.

Does anybody have a favorite for a birth announcement?


Kristin said...

I think they are ALL great!!!! And I love that smile in the last one!! So sweet!

Megan said...

I really love them!! I think my favs are the first and second one you posted and the first one with the black background.

Jodie said...

I LOVE them all! They look great!

Heather said...

They turned out so good and just take lots of candid pics with everyone else. I like the ones with the pink and yellow hat, she looks very angelic in them!! I hope you are doing good, I have been thinking of you!!

Milstead said...

Oh how do you choose a favorite???? I love the one where she's in the chair. I haven't seen that done before and it's SO cute! But I do love the one that's a close up of her sleeping in just the snow hat (not the pom pom hat) you can just see her sweet hands and her face is so peaceful. I do love the pom pom hat picture where she's kind of looking to the left also. Any one you went with would be perfect because she's absolutely perfect. Love her! Love the pics!

Viv said...

They are all so wonderful! 3rd one is a favorite of mine!


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