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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mommy & Me Monday @ the Arboretum

Today- I took Parker to "Mommy & Me Monday" at the arboretum. We have been having some challenging times with Parker's behavior over the past week....and what we always come up with (other than the fact that she is TWO) that maybe she just needs some more one on one attention. And the deal is.....she seems to do better when it comes from me!

So this morning...I left the baby with Geoff and we were off.

It wasn't crowded at all (which I loved) because of the heat! We got there around 10:00...which was later than I had planned (as usual).....and stayed for almost 2 hours. We had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to doing it again with her next week! I had already planned in my head that we would do whatever she wanted while we were I didn't foresee any fit throwing...except for the possibility of when it was time to leave.....but I am happy to report....not one fit!!

So here is a recap of our day....

As we were pulling into the parking lot....she told me that she wanted me to carry her (I think she was tired already!)....and I told her no....that I wasn't going to carry her, but that she could ride in the stroller. Which made her happy, too, because she is usually in the double I think she felt special to be all alone in the single stroller!

We headed straight to the face painting in case there was a line. Which there was not. We watched one little girl get her face painted and then it was her turn! I asked her what she wanted and she immediately said, "A butterfly!" But then when she sat in the chair....she wanted the Spiderman face. I quickly chimed in and reminded her that she wanted a butterfly.....but if she wants that Spiderman next week....then I'm going to let her get it with not a word from me!

Here....I am holding her up so she can see herself in the mirror.

Then I asked her to smile for me....and she did this instead. :)

I sounded like a broken record asking her to look at me. It's funny how now.....I do not even care about the smile....I just say, "Parkeeeeer! Pleeeease look at me!"

And so this is what she did!!! This face kind of scared me, so I quickly moved on! ;)

Then we had our picnic lunch. You could tell she just loved it being only us. And I loved it, too. Even thinking back to earlier in the day when we were there....I truly cherish this time with her.

Before we ate....I tried to get another picture. Here are my 'tries".........

Oh! And Lovey had to eat, too, of course. Ha!

Parker's lunch consisted of strawberries....

And Funyons. Yep- I get the mother of the year award for that one!

{Funny story: As I was picking up our trash and blanket...I said, "Whooo! I'm pooped!!" And Parker quickly chimed in, "Mommy? You poopoo in your panties?"} Nice. ;)

We visited the petting zoo soon after the face painting, but she had nothing to do with it. When we were finished with lunch....she asked to go back. So we did. And she briefly touched this sheep....but would not get anywhere near it by herself for me to take a picture. Which is ok. I was just happy that she did decide she wanted to go in there.

And a picture to finish up our trip!

And since the day was "Mommy & Me"..... I really wanted a picture of us. And I had wanted to get someone to take our picture at the arboretum, but didn't. So I just had Geoff take one of us after her nap (poor baby fell asleep on the way home and took a great nap!).

She really is a sweetheart and I love her so much. She's my first born sweety....and will always be my baby, too!


Jessica said...

So fun! She is a doll! We'll have to try that out one Monday :)

Milstead said...

Awwww! What a fun day! I LOVE Parker's face painting! I want one! :) Glad you two had a great time together. :):):)

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

How fun! Are you in Dallas? I thought about taking my son to the arboretum, but being 8 mo preggo, I think I would have a heatstroke right now! :)

Viv said...

What a wonderful way to spend one on one time on a Monday!

Kristin said...

Looks like so much fun! So glad that yall got one on one time!! And you are right... Blue is her color!!!

Emily said...

How fun is that?!? You kind of made me want funyons! lol ;)

Jennifer said...

We did Mommy and Me in March. I would love to go, but I think I just might melt!


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