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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Gymnast

We started Parker in gymnastics about 3 months ago. She loves it!

She is in the Tiny Tot class, which means that Geoff or I go to the class with her.

I took pictures on the first day.....but they were such poor quality (like it was hard to see her)...that I did not end up posting them. And so now....3 months later....I told Geoff that I really wanted to capture some of these moments of her.

She loves the trampoline....and it's the first thing they do once the class starts. When we tell Parker that she is going to gymnastics today...she says, "Yeh....and I can go bouncy-bouncy on the tramp-o-wine!" It's so cute and sweet.

And then....when she starts to bouncy-bouncy......she cannot hold back a smile. Or the giggles.

So this first video (about a minute long) is of her bouncy-bouncy on the tramp-o-wine!!

And this next video is of her holding onto the rope. They are suppose to swing 3 times and then let go. She always does this. teacher had to help her!

And this is at the end of class.....when she can go down the slide into the pit. She loves playing and jumping in the pit!


Viv said...

Good Job Parker! Aunt "B" is always so proud of you. You an artist, a dancer, and how a gymnast! We love you so!

Kristin said...

Thanks so much for posting that!! I was smiling the whole way through!! Good job Parker Ann!!! Aunt Sis loves you!!

Jessica said...

We just started CeCe in the Tiny Tots class too. She's only been to one class so far and it was a workout...for me and Josh! There was so much stuff for her to see and do that she didn't want to stay with the group. I know it gets better but I hope it happens fast!


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