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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A night off.

Well....sort of.

This afternoon...Grandad (Geoff's dad) came to pick up Parker to have a sleepover. To say she was excited would be an understatement. She has only spent the night with them once before (a few months ago).....and ever since they came to visit us about a week and half ago....Parker has brought up the fact that she wanted to go to Grandad and Mimi's to spend the night with them almost every single day!!

I called to check on her and talk to her....and she was...well....basically too busy to talk to me. Ha! Grandad kept having to say, "Parker....Mimi's outside.....come back over here and talk to your Mommy for a minute." I had to laugh. I am so glad she is having such a good time playing with her Grandad, Mimi, and cousins! I think we may have to do this more often!

So back to my point. Since Parker would not be here....I kind of felt like I had a "night off."

Yes- I still have Grace.....and although she is still work. She is immobile. Doens't talk. Goes to bed at 6:30 (since she has decided after turning 5 months old that she no longer wishes to nap....but that's a whole different blog for another day!).

So what will I do with this "extra" time??

It's like....I daydream....think about what I would do with "extra" time?

I make lists and lists of things.

Then once I have the time.....I get so anxious because I want to make the most of it....and I want to get so much done......that once she is gone.....I sit here and think, "Now what should I do?"

Would I finish the girls' 4th of July dresses?

Would I start working on my next quilt project?

Would I have enough time to start working on the new dress that I want to make the girls?

Anyway....I feel as though I have been somewhat productive today....although I didn't make a dent in my 'lists'.

And here's how it went....

First things first....I laid down with Grace to hopefully get her to nap (and she did for almost an hour!!).

Then we headed out to Hobby Lobby. My current home away from home! You just can't beat some of their sales!

And just so you know.....they have had their fall decorations out for a few weeks now (some are on sale now).....and they were putting out MORE Christmas stuff. In a way (a very small way) made me kind of excited because I am really excited about Christmas this just gets more and more fun the older the kids get) another makes me have anxiety because we still have almost 6 months until Christmas!!! I think they put this stuff out earlier every year. I remember when I thought August was early. But June??

Then I stopped by Sonic for a much needed wanted Dr. Pepper!

Then I spent some good ole quality time with my littlest gal. Just laughing with her and watching her blow lots and lots of bubbles! (and just to let you know....I don't know if these blue eyes will keep.....but I did not enhance her eyes a bit in these photos.)

She got a little choked up here!

After I put her to bed....I picked up a bit....washed our sheets....made some banana bread with some seriously overripe bananas.....and then started on Payton's 4th of July dress....then posted this blog.

I may or may not continue work on this dress tonight.

I may or may not go lay in my bed with my newly washed sheets and watch TV.

It's been nice to get some 'stuff' done.....but I do miss my Parker.


Snider Family said...

The dresses turned out great! I can't wait to see them on the girls. How is Parker's bedtime routine when she sleeps over? Is she better than when she is with you?

Anyways, I am glad you had some good quality time to yourself tonight. Makes living close to grandparents that much better!

Viv said...

Dresses are precious. I think it is wonderful that kids want to spend time with their grandparents!

Kristin said...

Cute pictures of Grace!!! Love the bubble blowing!! Glad you got some time to do stuff!

Anonymous said...

We loved having Parker spend the afternoon, evening and the next morning with us. She is such a darling granddaughter, and we love her so very much.
We hope she will be ready to come stay with us again very soon.
Looking forward to have Grace over also when she is a bit older.
Grandad and Mimi

Mrs. Ramsey said...

I love the dresses!


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