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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Parker, Payton, & Pancakes

I kept Payton for a couple of hours this morning while Kristin went in for a procedure to break up a very large kidney stone. (She is doing well and recovering as we speak!).

Anyway....I decided to feed them pancakes for lunch. I think Kristin said that she had not ever had them before....but that she loved waffles so she'd probably love pancakes.

And that she did!!

Before I got my camera out...Payton had been offering Parker her pancake. Well...when I got the camera out...I wanted to take a picture of it. So looks like Parker is begging for a bite. I guess she kinda is.... :)

They were having a good time...and Parker took it upon herself to pull her chair up right next to Payton! (I promise I did not tell her to do this!)

Then it seemed as though Payton couldn't give her enough!

So I finally put down the camera and gave Parker another pancake (in case you are wondering...she had already "finished' her pancakes)...

Parker said, "No Payton. I eating my own pancake now!" in such a serious-matter-of-fact voice.

Don't they look kind of funny? But cute, of course.

Payton finished her pancake and immediately started crying. So Parker decided to give her a bite of hers...

So Payton was like..."OK!"

Then Parker decided that Payton could just have her pancake and I gave her another one!

It's funny because I was just going to freeze the 5 extra pancakes that I had.....but then they started feeding each other and ate more than normal....leaving me with only 2. Which was more than fine with me!


Jodie said...

Very sweet!

Viv said...

They are just so very sweet! So glad they are so close!

Kristin said...

I love those!! So cute!! Thank you for posting those!

Mrs. Ramsey said...

How cute! Isn't it nice that Parker is so close to her cousin. I am also glad that Aunt Sis is feeling better!


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