Monday, June 14, 2010

One of the perks...

...of having 2 watching them interact together. I love it!

And another thing.....they notice the different between other kids/babies and adults. Both Geoff and I danced around to see if we could get her to laugh....and all she did was look at us like we were crazy. However....we got a kick out of it! ;)


I included this next video because I thought it was sweet how Parker wanted to put on her dres.....and then put Lovey in Grace's dress...and twirl. I also got a kick near the end of the video where she decided to pick her nose a bit! Ha!


Mrs. Ramsey said...

I loved the videos, you are such a great blogger!

Viv said...

You are such a great blogger, on those last twirls she did, when she was talking....oh my, deja vu! She looked just like her Mommy at that age! I'm not kidding. I was there!


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