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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Growing Garden!

Well....our garden is finally growing, growing, growing! We haven't gotten many (well....really only 1 okra out of everything we have planted!) vegetables......but I have a feeling (or am hoping) that it will be soon!

This is one of our baby pickling cucumbers. Actually- we planted regular pickling cucumbers. They are just babies right now. Hoping to make my own pickles before too long!! (My mouth just watered thinking about my Granny's homemade pickles!!)

These are our tomato vines with lots of sprouts (?).....just waiting for the tomatoes!

But today....we actually picked our first vegetable! One giant okra!! And if you'll please excuse this picture....the okra....the large thing in the middle that is completely out of focus....that's it.

And Parker did the honors....(with Geoff's help, of course).

There it is!!! Our very first home grown vegetable ever!!!

I think we waited too long to pick it....even though so many people have told us to pick them while they are still soft....somehow...the communication dropped between me and Geoff....and well....we ended up with this large, sort of hard, okra!! This is definitely a learning curve and we are having a great time!

She said she wanted to eat it because we have been talking about how we are going to pick our vegetables and then eat them. And I just keep thinking, "Yeh, right! I'll believe it when I see it! I can only dream that you will eat our vegetables!" :)

And now onto our corn.

This is the corn plant on the left. And one of our pickling cucumbers on the right. If you look closely....there is a vine wrapped around the stalk of the corn (it's whitish-greenish in color). It was only barely wrapped around it the other day....then I told Geoff to move it off our corn.....which he did. And the next day that pickling cucumber plant came back with a vengeance and wrapped itself around the husk even more!!! So we left it.

You know....I'd love to set a video camera up just to watch the vines grow and intertwine. It would be very interesting!

Now this plant (or is it a husk? is the plant the husk, or just the thing that is holding the corn?) is the one that is doing the best. And since the silks started turning so dark brown....we just figured that the time had was time to pick them even though we knew that they were not ready. We just thought they weren't going to make it. So we picked the 2 corns that were on this plant.

Yay! Our first corns (even though at the time...we thought that they were just duds.

I love this picture of only her in the garden. When I try to answer "why" I like it. I can't. I just really do.

Time to go inside and peel our corn!

We concluded that we merely picked our corn too early....because it was starting to get the big corns (which are really normal size...but big compared to the baby ones).


Jessica said...

Very exciting! I hope to have a garden eventually, as well as my own compost! Congrats :)

Viv said...

Wow! That's a good deal! I love okra, and of course corn! What a learning experience for Parker too! Sooner or later she will like veggies!

Jodie said...

Yeah! I am glad it is finally producing. Before you know it, you will have lots of vegetables every night.

Kristin said...

The corn looks cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very good. Papaw would be very

Keep up the good work.

Love you all,

Jayla said...

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