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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oldies, but Goodies

Today- my friend, Emily, came over for a visit. We met in college at Baylor...oh....some ten-odd years ago or so. {sometimes I just don't feel old enough to refer to college as happening 10 years ago!}

We met in the Spring of 2000.

Well....maybe we really met in the Spring of 1999 when we both pledged the same sorority....but honestly....(and I think she'd agree)....we didn't really know who each other was until the Spring of 2000 when we were practicing for Sing!. (Sing! is basically this show at Baylor put on by sororities and fraternities.....each group picks their theme and music....then they choreograph dancing.....make a backdrop, etc....this is a lousy description and I am sure I have butchered what Sing! really is...but you get my drift.)

Anyway........she stood behind me in the 'dance' line....and as the practices increased and the tiredness overcame....we began joking around and cutting up with one another.

We became friends.

One thing led to the other....and well....I invited her to come on our Spring Break with us ('us' being my other really good friends, Jamie and Kelley).

So...the rest is really history. We've been great friends ever since. In fact...I took her engagement pictures last summer.....and was in her beautiful wedding this past Spring.

Anywho....back to the point of my post....

She now lives about 10 minutes from me. But, as it were, we all live busy lives and rarely see each other. Such a shame. But today, she came to see us....and brought Parker a surprise!

Garden Rocks! Parker loves them and had so much fun painting them. Later tonight, she even started carrying them around in her car. She likes to collect things (like marbles, rocks, etc). They keep her entertained for hours. (well...maybe not hours....we are talking about a 2 year old {almost 3} here! :)

And Grace had some fun with her, too!

Love this picture.

Thanks for coming today, Emmy! Hope to see you again real soon!


Kristin said...

Looks like Parker really enjoyed that!!! I know it is weird to say you have had a friend for 20 years... Thats how it is with Kelli and I

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun! Is it sad that I looked so less tired in college! Hope we can all hang out again soon. Love ya'll.

Viv said...

Wonderful pics! Hard for me to believe too that was 10 years ago.


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