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Friday, August 20, 2010

This week.

......Parker burned herself for the very first time (and hopefully the last time!).

Geoff was making our weekend okra...

He had tossed a few into the grease....then walked away for some reason....we were both walking around in the kitchen doing various things....I'm talking....he's 'listening' (you know the drill! :) thing I know....he starts yelling (knee-jerk reaction, I suppose).....I look over to see what.

And this is what....

Poor baby.

The above pictures was taken the next day....she wouldn't let him take it after it happened. She didn't cry too much....just a little....and I think mostly because it scared her (obviously)...then Geoff scared her by his reaction.

Hopefully..... this will be a case of her only doing it once? :)

.....I spent some time with my Aunt Pauline.

She lives about 30 seconds from me. She's comes over....teaches me a few things about sewing.....we talk about how things were back in the day (which I thoroughly enjoy).....we eat.....and she sews. This past week she finished these pants for Parker.

And I am looking forward to our coming weeks together because she is going to help me quilt my girls' quilts!

......Grace turned 7 months old.

.....we took these pictures of the girls before church....

....and one with me, too.

.......I sewed these pants.

And if you'll mom made this dress for Grace and I was going to take her 6 month pictures in it.

Well...that never happened. But....just wanted to share that Grace will still be able to wear this as a dress.....and Parker will wear it as a shirt with her pants!

....I finished editing wedding photos for the first wedding I ever photographed (2 weeks ago). I was very nervous....and am acutely aware that I still have no idea what I am doing with photography. But they were in a bind...and didn't expect great I said ok. :) I will tell you, though.....I learned so much through doing this!

The refreshing beverages.

This bride...

The groom's son. He was such a good kid.

I do...

Very warm day! :)

Wishing everyone a nice and relaxing weekend!


Megan said...

Poor Parker!! That is such a horrible feeling! Hope she is feeling ok!!

All the super cute girl clothes!! I would love to get some of those pants for Hayden but I am sure that Jeff wouldn't think that was such a great idea. Ha! They are so precious though!!

O.M.G!!!! LOVE the pictures!! I still need editing lessons! I hope you sent in one of those for Pioneer Woman's LOVE submissions this week!!!!!!!! The one with the sunlight...To die for!

Sounds like you had a fun and super busy week!!

Viv said...

The pants & dresses are precious. How nice for your Aunt Pauline & you all to get to be together too! We can all use wisdom from the older although guess I am in the 'older' category w/o many talents, LOL. Sorry Parker got burned, bless her little heart and bless ya'lls' hearts too. All the pics are precious though! Precious girls!

Janie said...

LOVE the clothes!! They are too cute!
And your pictures are precious! You did a really good job at the wedding.
I'm sorry Parker got hurt. I remember when my VK got burned....she is very aware now of HOT items in the kitchen :)

Have a great weekend!

Jodie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes! Love the pictures, all of them! You did a great job at the wedding. I would hire you to do my wedding, except I am already married...maybe newborn pictures??

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

Poor baby!! Hope she is feeling better!

As usual- love the pics! The girls are too cute! The pants turned out cute too!

Kat said...

The wedding photos are lovely! So are the pants! It's so neat you can sew like that! Sorry Parker got burned, but you are right, it's a good lesson and I'm sure she won't be doing that again!

Milstead said...

I don't like Parker's burn one bit. :(

I can't believe how much okra you are getting from your garden!

The clothes look amazing!
The pictures of you and the girls before church are so cute. Parker is looking so much like you I can't get over it.

Your wedding pictures are SO GREAT! I love them! You made a bride and a groom very happy. :)


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