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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tot Tuesdasy

This past Tuesday, I took the girls to the arboretum. We got their right around 10.....a little later than I had hoped.....but it ended up not being crowded at all at that time. The first thing we did after out restroom break was head to get their faces painted. Well....I say 'their' faces because I had kind of thought about getting Grace's painted, but ended up not.....but am thinking next time we might try.

Anyway- Parker got the "Purple Princess" painted on her face and loved it.

She loved her purple lips the most.

This face. My cup runneth over.


And just for memory's sake......this is a picture from when she first got her face painted almost 2 years ago. {gulp}


Parker was very interested in looking for fish in any water that we saw. ;)

Grace looked afar....from her stroller.

I think Parker's favorite thing at the arboretum are the giant frog fountains. She loves these. And she can't wait for the day that I let her wear her swimsuit and get wet! (although- this time....she kept getting a little closer to the water each time.....and ended up being pretty damp. But she did have a great time and so I guess that's all that matters? Forget that she didn't listen to me. Right?)

And see this next picture of my baby? See that shadow looming over her pretty little head? This picture was snapped moments before she was pummeled by 2 boys that sere chasing each other. I heard the thud of her head hitting that hard concrete.....and remember it so vividly. She cried, but settled fairly quickly. Her head had multiple bumps. But since she calmed down so quickly and her bumps were swelling out....I let my mind ease a bit....but still. It's scary! then I blamed myself for letting my 1 year old walk out in front of me a bit.....all while I was taking a picture. Kind of stupid of me......... But- they did come out of nowhere. ;)

We came home....Grace napped.....Parker and I had quiet time for a bit.....then we went out front so I could plant the flowers around the trees that we had gotten a few weeks ago.

I wanted to get a good picture of it, but it proved to be difficult as I tried to get far enough back to snap the picture.....while not letting my kids get too close to the street or the storm drain. So these pics will have to suffice.

And an added bonus of Parker running into the grass and 'crashing down' on purpose.....and finding that it made her little sister laugh hysterically.....which only fueled her fire to continue.

And I am sad to report that for some reason....perhaps the fierce wind today and the storms last night.....those flowers aren't looking the best.

So..... here's a peak at our garden. I started a post about our garden this year a few weeks ago and have yet to post it. Don't really know what the hold up is....but hopefully I will finish it up and just post it. It's nothing really special or's just a compilation of photos from over a few days so I guess maybe that's why it is taking me so long? Who knows.

Moving forward.

We are getting tomatoes! And we are really happy about this because last year the only thing we were successful in growing was our okra. And because we are smart like that.....we didn't even plant okra again. Geoff didn't really have the desire, but I was the only thing that grew last year!!! Last year- our tomato plants would flower, but then they'd fall off. So we are more than happy to see this.....

These are our tomatillo plants that have begun to flower. We hope to be making our own homegrown salsa by the end of summer! (fingers crossed) haha

Our cilantro has really taken off. I am hoping that when we cut it back it continues to grow. Last year- after I cut the cilantro off after a few shriveled up and died.

And this......this is me.....choosing my battles with my 3 year old.....and allowing her to wear her fleece sleeper outside when it is almost 90 degrees because she wants to. (???) So be it.

These 4 plants in the upper right corner are.....well....2 are squash and 2 are zucchini. Can't tell you which is which. Which is kind of a dilemma because they are really starting to grow and so we are thinking we are going to take away 2 of them to allow for more room. So the excitement will now we will not know until they sprout whether we will end up with only squash, only zucchini, or perhaps one squash and one zucchini. Oh the anticipation. (please read: sarcasm).

These are Parker's sunflowers.

And not pictured.....we planted 4 pickling cucumber plants because we. want. pickles. this year!

This is one of our new additions to our garden. Not really sure what's back here either.

Geoff said those things lined up along the fence there that look like little weeds that I just want to go pluck..... are our beans. Peas of some sort we think. I really like how organized and methodical we are.

Then I let the girls get nice and dirty play in the sand cart for a bit.

She was bringing this dirty, wet sand to me to rub on my leg. My kids are thoughtful like that.

Don't let this sweet face fool you. She is a stinker and a half!! ;)

I made them dust off their hands before coming in. (I like to pretend like things like this actually help in preventing the sand and dirt from being tracked into my house.)


Viv said...

Glad I wasn't there when those boys caused her to fall! As you get older your mouth tends to overload so I probably would have said something not too nice. However, looks like ya'll had a wonderful day and your yard looks great too. Cannot wait to hear about all these veggies!(& see them in pics)

Megan said...

I agree! How did you contain yourself when that baby got ran over by those stinkin' boys? :-)

Precious pictures of Parker's painted face! So cute!

The garden looks GREAT! I can't believe you have tomatoes already! We just bought our plants today. We are a little behind! :-)

Kat said...

I awarded your blog today! Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading :-)


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