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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas 2012

I know I've already mentioned before...but I had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day this year.  I had originally thought that I would have Geoff keep the girls up on Christmas Eve til I got home and then let them stay up late since I'd miss Christmas morning.  

Then I got to thinking (not a good idea)...and I just figured I'd have Geoff put them to bed early and I'd wake them up super early before I went into work.

Well...Grace ended up in our bed that night...and when my alarm went off and I was tired...and I saw her sweet, little,  warm body so peaceful.....I knew I couldn't wake her up.

So I ended up missing it all.  ;(  And with the snow and ice I ended up staying at a sweet nurse's house Christmas night to avoid driving home and back into work the next morning on bad roads.

But their day went on without me and Geoff did great cataloging it all through pictures.

Santa came!

And just for documenting sake....Geoff told me that Grace started crying before bed about how she didn't want Santa to come.  It scared her to think about a that big ole guy coming into her house while she was sleeping!

Christmas morning.  

For Baby Brother- note from Santa...

Grace loved her Popstar Barbie....

...and started dancing all around being silly...

The only thing Parker asked for from Santa was a Dream Lite.

Success!  She loved ands till loves this unicorn...affectionately named Pony.

Grace got one too...

And a breakable tea set for Parker.  Oh my goodness she has the particular things she wants!  This wasn't something she specifically asked for for Christmas but has been wanting and I actually remembered.  And I got it at the Dollar Store for $5.00.  


I think this was the best I've ever done with stockings.  I didn't spend a lot but just picked up lots of little things here and there....and it wasn't all junk or candy.  So I was pleased.  :)

This is when I called and talked to them.  She told me she got a Barbie and the Popstar house (which it's really just a normal doll house, not Barbie related)...a breakable tea set....and her dream lite.

They didn't want to talk for long.  :)

They were able to watch some of the Disney parade which Geoff said they loved.

And Daddy made pancakes, bacon, and eggs for breakfast!

They were supposed to go visit Grandad and Mimi in the afternoon....but the weather was questionable and it started snowing and icing in some places so they decided to stay put just to be safe.

making snow angels....

1 comment:

Viv said...

Wonderful memories. The snow and ice caught us all off guard that day. Hate to sound ungrateful for winter but hope we don't have any more 'white Christmas' for a while. Really makes it dangerous for people on the roads trying to get to their loved ones.


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