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Friday, January 4, 2013

Parker's School Christmas Party

On her last day of school before Christmas break- Parker had her class party.  They had Chick-fil-A for lunch followed by fun activities and snacks!

One of the room moms read the book J is for Jesus (one of my favorites!)... and then they made a candy cane out of beads and pipe cleaner.

At Parker's previous class parties, I usually get Kristin to watch I can give Parker all of my attention....and also- Grace doesn't really understand why she can't do all the activities that Parker does. But on this day I just wanted her to be with me.  And although she was good...I think it will be her first and last school party of Parker's that she will go to if I can help it.  ;)

 the party food: hot chocolate with candy cane as a stir and cupcakes that each kid got to ice and add sprinkles on their own.

Grace got to have a cupcake and Parker graciously shared her icing.

Silly girl!

And they sang happy birthday to Jesus!

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