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Thursday, January 24, 2013

worn out!

The girls and I had a good but full day and I think we are all exhausted!  Especially a cute little 3 year old that I know....she's showing her "I'm a three-year old" colors for sure!

We started off with a rough morning.  The girls didn't get to bed til 9:00 (church night)...and they were up at 7:30.  I needed to wake them at this time anyway because of Grace's well-visit...but they were up 5 minutes before I was going to go in their room.  Thursdays are 'fun' days for me and Grace.  Her lack of sleep and age really show through.  :)

Then neither girl wanted to wear what I picked out.  It was an ordeal.  Then- in typical fashion- I could not find a thing I was looking for.  Either missing the shirt...or the pants that go with.  And the thing is.....almost all of their laundry is done and put away!!  I even looked in their baskets to see if it was dirty and I had forgotten.  Nope.  Where does their stuff go???

That's a whole other post for a different day, I suppose.  It seriously drives me nuts!  ;)

Onto her well-visit....she did great.  At 3 years she has no vaccines, so I wasn't too worried.  Hearing and vision screens were passed.  
Weight: 31 pounds (55th percentile)
Height: 37.5 inches (also 55th percentile)

After the doctor's....we had lunch at Chick-fil-A.  The girls were playing hide and seek...

 And what's a trip to the pediatrician without stopping by Sprinkles Cupcakes??  Seriously- they were so good today.  Last time I got 6 and we ended up wasting 2 (I know!)...this time I got 6 and there's just one left which Geoff will eat when he wakes up (he hasn't gotten his yet).

The girls loved sitting at this cute little table there.  Sweet sister picture.

We also stopped by Papaw and Gran's (my dad's house)... and then Parker had dance this afternoon, too.  We did Chipotle for dinner (just didn't have it in me to prepare ...then hear the complaints....then for it to not be eaten...then to clean it all up)....and I feel like it's a little healthier alternative to other fast foods.

Busy, fun, full day = 2 tired girlies + 1 exhausted momma.  :)

I'm gonna attempt super early bedtimes for all!

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Viv said...

Precious pictures! Glad that her well visit went good!


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