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Friday, January 18, 2013

Grace @ 3 Years baby {for now} will turn 3 years old tomorrow!  In some ways she still seems so small to me...but then in others....she already seems 'bigger.'  I just feel like the things she knows...the things she plays with...the way she all a little different than how her older sister played at the same age.  And it's all because of that- having an older sister.  Just an example: her love of princess and Barbie far exceeds what it did for Parker when she was 3 because, frankly, we just didn't have much of that stuff around.  Now...we're busting at the seams with it all!

Here's a little glimpse into Grace @ 3 years old....

-Favorite movie: Pocahontus or Cinderella.  These are her go-to movies if Parker's not here to influence her choices.  :)

-Favorite sweet:  Just about anything.  Ha!  No really- I think her favorite- if she had to choose- would be anything chocolate.

-Sleep: Not very much of it.  ;/  We try to have them in bed by 7:30-8:00 and we are usually successful at this.  However, Grace will still get out of her bed in the middle of the night a few nights out of the week and this just disrupts her quality of sleep, I think.  In addition- she's our new early riser and is usually coming into our room around 6:30 or 7:00.  Not. Enough. Sleep!  The good thing is, I suppose, is she usually handles this lack of sleep pretty well.  After our late Wednesday nights at church (when hey are up til 9pm)....Thursdays tend to be our 'most fun' days of fits throwing for no reason and a little talking back.

-Dance: This is her first year in dance and she loves it.  She loves it all: the dance wear, her teacher, dancing, being in class with Payton, and the dance wear.  :)  Now that it's gotten a little colder- her leotard wearing has decreased slightly....but she would seriously live in her leotard if we let her.  And it's pretty stink in' cute, too.

-Gymnastics:  She loves gymnastics, too!  And I feel like it might come a little naturally for her.  Monday she's moving up again into the next level....which I'm excited about because I really like the teacher she'll have (I liked the teacher she has now, too, but just saying.

-Behavior: She {for the most part} has been our easy-going baby/child.  And I would say that this is still true.  However- I am noticing over the past few weeks a little more testing of my patience.  For instance- she will do something that she knows is not right to do.....then look at me to make sure that I saw her....and then....then...she tries to hold back a smile!!!  What?!?  Little stinker.  But- when she finally gets in trouble....a spanking or maybe a time out away from us....she cries so hard and so sad like her feelings have really been hurt.  Which is good!  I was just telling Geoff a week or so ago how I had spanked her and then put her in time out in her room (I can't remember now what for)....and I told him that it felt so weird to me in the moment because it was not usually Grace that I was having to do these things for....and that we are entering a new era.

-She loves all things Barbie and princess.  Right now her favorite princess is Belle.  She keeps saying that she wants Barbies for her birthday...but geez!! ....she does not need another Barbie!  They have so many I feel like they don't hardly play with them because of it...too many to choose from.

-As her birthday has drawn near- I began reflecting on the educational activities that I did with Parker at this age and where I have not really done the same with Grace....and it was over this reflecting that I really started to note differences between the 2.  While I have obviously not made the degree of effort that I did with Parker- Grace just doesn't seem to enjoy it and eat it up like Parker did and still does.  So I'm starting to look at that and maybe find different things educationally to do with Grace.  And yes- she's only I use 'educational' loosely....but since we do partially homeschool's easier for me to control Grace if I have her own activities for her to do.

-A girly girl:  She loves to wear my 'wip-stick' (which is really a very neutral lip gloss) and loves to have her nails and toes painted.  So funny to me.  Nothing like her momma.  Don't get me wrong- I love a good pedicure (ha!)....but just loves to have her nails painted all of the time.

-Sisters:  She loves her big sister.....but lately...I think she thinks it's her mission in life to irritate her!  :)  And she does this well.  ;)  If Parker is playing well by herself...Grace will take it upon herself to walk right in the middle of it and mess it all up....just for the reaction.

-New role: In just a few short months she's going to be a big sister and I think she's going to do a great job.


So hard to fathom how much she's grown and changed in just 3 short years!



@ 1 year

@ 2 years

My sweet little Grace @ 3 years...


Viv said...

Happy, Happy Day sweet Grace! Love you! You are a wonderful 'baby' sister and going to be a wonderful 'big' sister too!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Grace!! I know she will be a great big sis to her baby brother!! Love, Aunt Sis!

Jodie said...

Happy Birthday Grace!


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