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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Party/Playdate with friends...

My friend, Megan, hosted her annual Christmas party/playdate again this year...and again it did not disappoint!  We all bring yummy food and eat way too much (or at least that's what I do!).....we bring a book for the kids to do their own gift exchange....and then the mommas do a favorite things gift exchange.  All of that- plus wonderful company makes for a really fun time!

The food:

I was going to bring these other brownie treats but started feeling like it was too much work (and I was too tired) Kristin suggested I make these Santa hat brownies.  They're so cute.

This veggie pizza that (I believe) Randa brought is so good.

And lots lots more that I didn't get great pics of...


Grace and Payton



Our attempt at getting a picture of all the kiddos.  Not too bad. :)

The kids did their book exchange first...

The mommas' favorite things!

Then time for lots of play!

Hayden and Grace.  They were so cute.  Hayden wanted me to take a picture of them together....and then they ran off playing and I think Grace was chasing him around!

Grace really enjoyed pulling the wagon...

And this sweet baby girl was playing in the floor and just fell asleep when she was tired.  I could not get over it!  With both Parker and Grace it seems like it was an ordeal to get the girls in bed at a certain time or they'd become overly tired and fussy and blablabla.

Thanks again, Megan, for having us!  We had a wonderful time as always!

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Viv said...

Looks like a very nice day! Wonderful sweet pictures!


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