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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Parker @ 6 years old

6 years ago....on September 18, 2007 at 10:24pm...this little lady made me a momma for the very first time.

Toward the end of Parker's birthday gathering with family this past weekend- Geoff and I took her into the back yard to take a few pictures of her.  It somehow happened that Grace and Payton were playing with Parker's new gifts and so they didn't follow us out.  It was so quiet and calm...just the 3 of us.  And it allowed me a moment to kind of let it all sink in.  How I have a six year old.  I seriously blinked and here she is a kindergartener.  Tomorrow she'll be graduating high school.  :)

She just looked so grown up swinging on the swing all by herself.  Smiling ear to ear because we were there looking at her.....only her....just watching how she was doing it all by herself.  Higher and higher.

She's definitely the leader of our pack.  And I'm sure we do most of our 'mess-ups' in parenting on her.  She's a very strong-willed little girl.  I pray that in trying to parent her I don't dampen her spirit and that God will use her {very} strong will for His glory.

She's the perfect first born.  So blessed to be her mother.

She's defnitely a daddy's girl and I love this.  

What SIX looks like so far:

-Learning to Skate:

-Losing her very first tooth: (will write more later on this- hopefully)

-Starting kindergarten:

Height: 43.25 inches (25th percentile)
Weight: 40.4 pounds (30th percentile)

-On her birthday:
She had to go to school on her actual birthday, followed by dance, and then we went to my mom's for dinner.  Geoff had taken off of work the day before her birthday since it was a homeschool day.... and so once her work was done that morning, we spent the rest of the day having 'birthday fun'....(but I honestly cannot remember what we did??)

I made some cupcakes for her to take to school on her we sang Happy Birthday to her and let her have a cupcake for breakfast.  ;)

Thinking hard about her wish.  Gah- I wish I knew what it was!

And I hope it came true.


Parker Ann-

I'm having trouble finding the words to say.  I sat down to write this to you several times now.

Six years ago you made me a momma for the first time....and the time between then and now has gone by in a flash.  You are a beautiful, smart, strong-willed little girl...with an active imagination that I am just in awe of.

Admittedly- I find it a challenge to parent you at times.  And I pray often for guidance and wisdom to make the right choices with and for you.  I want you to be a kind-hearted little girl, who loves Jesus, and has a servant's heart...but I want you to do these things as you.  God made you the way you are and He'll use your gifts for something special, I know this.  I don't ever want to dampen your spirit...and I just pray that I'm the mom that you need me to be.

You are a wonderful big help me out more than you will ever know.  From helping Grace find something she needs...buckling her shoes...bringing me something I need when I am tied to a chair feeding the giving Nolan a new toy and talking to/and or singing to him for the extra 5 or 10 minutes I need to get a task done.  And most of the do all of this without complaining or even me asking.  

I love you so much, sweet girl.  Again- my words do not do my heart justice.  So very, very blessed to be your mother.



Lisa said...

Sweet Parker, Happy Birthday!

Courtney said...

These are seriously the most amazing pictures. I love this post so much!

Happy {late} birthday, Parker!

Viv said...

Such a sweet, perfect little girl! Such a sweet, wonderful family! Love you all so much!

Kristin said...

She is such a special 6 year old and made me an aunt for the very first time too! She is very special to me!! Love you Parker Ann!


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