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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grace's Birthday Slumber Party & Breakfast Brunch

When I first asked Grace what kind of party she wanted to have...she said an American Girl slumber party.  Okay?  So I just took that and decided....she would have a 'slumber party' with her sister and cousin...and they'd bring their dolls and we'd call it a night.  Then we followed it up the next morning with a breakfast brunch with the family.

It all turned out great.  I heard a few times from the girls that 'this was the best day every'...or 'this is the best party ever'.  Sure...they say it at every party.  But just glad they say it at all!

My sister dropped my niece, Payton, off right after school on Friday afternoon.  The girls were so giddy and excited.
I had made the girls little gift bags of 'slumber party goodies'... and they could not wait to open them.

Contents of the bags: matching pajamas, coloring book, fingernail polish, hair clip, silly string, and glow sticks.

The girls didn't want to wait any longer for the silly string.  I didn't get many good pictures...but they had a blast (eventhough it was kind of hard for Grace and Payton).

This guy was not a fan.

Next up...girls' dinner!   I was really looking forward to just spending the time with them...and..ahem...having no baby to entertain.  :)  They were well-behaved, of course...and if they weren't eating...they were coloring with their new coloring books.

When we got home....they quickly changed into their pajamas and brought out the glow sticks and made a necklace.

Swinging the glow sticks.

Next up...
The plan was for me to paint their nails...but they wanted to do it themselves so I let them.

And finally...popcorn and a movie....

...and their request of me doing their hair like 'Elsa's coronation.'  These girls have a lot of faith in me.  Ha!

And they did made it into bed a little late (but expected)...but we survived and it was a success.

The next morning....

I wanted to take the easy road with this party...but still wanted it to have a little 'party flare,' I guess you could say.  Instead of taking the time to make and print and cut out table tents and other party things...I decided to cover the table with butcher paper....and label with a Sharpie  (not my own idea, but will be using in the future).

I put up this birthday banner that I used for Parker's 6th birthday.

And draped the ceiling with simple crepe paper that I already had on hand, as well.  Super simple, yet a tiny bit festive.

3 excited girls ready for the party!  They were bouncing off the walls!

The donuts for her 'cake'.

We made lots of bacon!  ;)

The simple coffee/hot cocoa bar.  The girls reeeeallly wanted hot chocolate.

They made theirs a little bit before the party started because they could not wait any longer.

After everyone had was time to sing and blow out her candles.

Then opened presents.

Then happily played with them the rest of the day with her sister and cousin.

How fast she's grown!  And I know she didn't just 'become' 5 yesterday....she's grown and matured every day over the past year.  But today it seemed like I looked at her differently.  As a five year old.  Giving her a little more responsibility.  Having a little higher expectations of her.  I have even noticed the way she treats Nolan differently and more gently than she used to.... and also the many things she can do independently now.  Just so proud of our girl.

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Viv said...

Looks like they had so much fun. Really sorry we had to miss that yummy breakfast! Love you so Grace!


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