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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 days down...2 more to go...

...of my first week back at school!!! They have been long days, with not much time to spend with Parker. Both Monday and Tuesday I left so early that I did not see her until I came home, and yesterday that wasn't until 4:45pm...I told Geoff that I really missed her yesterday...different than I have ever felt before when leaving her....I teared up a few times, but made it through the day. This is all stuff I am not used to. But the good thing is....if I can just get through these first 3 weeks, things will really settle down. I mean- I will still be busy, but my time on campus and in clinical will be decreased. They just have to pack so much into the first few weeks to review skills and hospital orientations and all of that fun stuff.

Parker seems to be doing great. Yesterday was her first day with Miss Alissa and she reported that she "couldn't have asked for a better first day." So after a long day, hearing that made my day. Parker talked and giggled in her carseat the whole way home, and then, was in the best mood for our evening at home. It was some really good, fun, quality family time. I couldn't ask for more.

So that's all for now...just had a little break before my first class starts this morning. Hope you all are doing well!


Harley Chick said...

Always keep in mind it is not "so much the quantity of time but the quality of time... car rides home seem to give you that time...happy for you that you had a great ride home!

Happy too that Parker enjoyed her day at the sitters!

Viv said...

Well, you will get through all this with flying colors. So happy that she was happy. I'm sure she loves being with the other kids. She misses you I'm sure but she loves her days too! Have a great rest of the week!


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