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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Love at first sound...

These are the thoughts that ran through my mind on Friday when our new washer was delivered. Two weeks ago today, I was doing my weekly laundry. It was time, once again, to fold the laundry that was in the dryer, and then put the clothes from the washer in. Only this time, as I reached into the washer and grabbed hold of the first piece of clothing, I realized that it was soaking wet! I quickly discovered that this load had not been put successfully through the spin cycle. I tried the "spin only" button. Nothing happened. We called the Home Warranty place, had someone come out, and blablabla....2 weeks later... we have our new washer!!! It is so quiet. I knew our last one was so loud, but really had no idea how peaceful laundry could be! On Friday night when I was christening our new washer, I became nervous several times because I could not hear it and I feared that it wasn't working or not hooked up right. But alas, it was working just fine....only quietly!!!! And maybe it's my imagination, but now that we have a spin cycle that actually now takes less time for our clothes to dry! Woo-hoo! And now I can even do laundry while Parker is napping because I do not have to worry about the washer waking her up (as the old one had done before...)

(It's not the fanciest thing in the world, but I love it!)

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