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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Several things we like to do these days...

Parker loves to pull out all of my blank notecards from my notecard container. Its appeal is now starting to somewhat lose its luster... but a few days ago, this kept her occupied for a good 20 minutes!

She also likes to open the kitchen cabinets. Most of them are safety-proofed, but for some reason, this one is not. Anyway- yesterday while I was gone getting my hair cut, I guess she tried to get into this cabinet...

Then Geoff told her no, and this is what resulted...

(I cannot stand her hair in her face, but now she won't keep a bow I think I am about to have to do her first hair 'trim.')

Her fits are becoming so humorous these days. They're so dramatic. I know I have discussed her "fits" when we change her diaper. But she is constantly redefining her "fit." Now that we know what we're looking at, we really try to let her throw it (and sometimes laugh on the inside)...and then she is usually fine in about a minute or two.

And her newest favorite thing to do is to roll around on the couch. She doesn't get to do it often because it's kind of scary for me because she's all over the place (eventhough I am right there)...but she just likes to fall to her side...and then on her back...giggling the whole time. She also likes to do this on our bed...which does allow her more room.

1 comment:

Harley Chick said...

Parker is so smart! She is definitely developing her character - she knows what she wants and seems determined to have her way... wonder where she gets her independence from, Mom?


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