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Monday, August 11, 2008

Just one of those days...

So this morning, we woke up, went about our business as usual. Only today....a few special things happened that made this day "just one of those days." Around 9am or so, I walked into the restroom and noticed that the water in the toilet was a little cloudy. I didn't think much of it because I had told Geoff last night that the toilet needed to be cleaned, so I just figured "he must have cleaned it" (um...seriously...don't know my I assumed that) and that was just the cleaning solution left in the water. Wrong! I looked down, about to flush the toilet, when right as I am flushing it, I see that the water level has already started to fill up before I pushed the handle. But it was too late...the message that was supposed to be sent from my eyes to the brain to the hand, was delayed and I flushed it anyway. However, with my quick reflexes (yeh right) I quickly reached underneath the toilet and turned the water off (thinking I am so smart). Only when the water was completely turned off, the water continues to flow . So I call Geoff and pretty much tell him he needs to come home (if he can) because this something that is going on needs to be fixed and toilets just aren't my thing. So a couple of minutes before Geoff gets home, I decide to call my dad to ask him what he thinks. He quickly asks me if the bathtub is full. It is. So this means we have a backed up sewage line. I just laughed. Hahahahaha. Of course it's a backed up sewage line! Anyway- as horrible and unfun as all of this sounds...we called the City and they were actually out here and had it completely fixed by 10:15 or so. Now that's what I call service!

Oh, but there's more. Parker and I take a quick trip to Wal-mart (if there really even is such a thing as a quick trip). I pick up the things I need, get out my coupon book....realize....I left my wallet at home! Ughhhhhhhhhh! I instantly think to myself..."I'm just going to leave and I'll come back another time. I'm through!" But then thought about how I will have to go through that store again to get the things that I need, so I would just rather go home, get the wallet, come back (and stand in the longer than usual lines). So I asked the greeter at the front of the store to watch my buggy...I get Parker...load her up...come home....get my wallet....go back....all the while, Parker has fallen soundly asleep. So we get to the store, she surprisingly stays asleep on my shoulder the entire time. Finally got my groceries...put Parker back in the car....(still asleep) home...and she is actually asleep in her crib as we speak.

So-moral of the story...I did have some fun things happen today, but they definitely turned out better than I could have imagined. So I say... if this is as bad as it gets....I'm doing pretty darn good!


Kristin said...

Wow what a morning!!

Viv said...

Geez sweet girl! That was a morning huh?

Love you so!

Anonymous said...

Granny says,
You did good. These things happen
to the best of us. God showing you
'you can handle it.'
Just talked to Grama and she had a
great weekend - all that work paid
off. She was on her way to pick up
Love ya

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Yep! You're a pro! Time for another one!!!!!!


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