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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Geoff read the post from earlier today and informed me that I was "lying to my bloggers." I guess I misunderstood what he had said. Anyway- when I said earlier that Parker was throwing a fit because Geoff told her she could not get into the kitchen cabinet anymore.... that was not the case. She was playing with the cabinet door and it kept shutting on her, and this is what upset her and made her throw her fit. This is even funnier to me...

1 comment:

Viv said...

She just has a mind of her own, that's all. Like most girls/women, she wants it her way or no way at all. She has spunk!

Love to you all! (also, I said we wouldn't be coming back from vacation until the 14th. I think we will be heading back on Friday of that week and should get home by the 12th or 13th) not that it matters that much but we will be heading home and will probably be back late that Friday evening if we drive straight through.)


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