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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Breadmaking is apparently a science.

I got a really nice breadmaker from my inlaws, Mac and Marilyn. I have been really excited to use it (and getting some slack from Geoff) so I decided that today would be the day. There are some recipes in the book that came with the breadmaker, and of all of the recipes, the only one that I had all of the ingredients for was the french bread. So ding ding ding...french bread it is!!

Now back to the science part. When I had originally asked for a breadmaker, I thought it would be so easy...just dump all of the ingredients in and "voila!" fresh baked bread. But in this book is starts talking about all the different kinds of flours and yeasts and milks and eggs and blablabla. It also talked about how you can measure the ingredients with measuring cups and spoons, but it is really better to weigh your ingredients to make sure they are really accurate. I thought, "Yikes!" Accuracy?? But with a determined heart, I gave it a try this afternoon without the scale...and I must turned out great!!! Yummy!! And umm....maybe this whole breadmaker thing wasn't the best idea. I love bread. And bread loves me sticks around as an extra few pounds hopelessly waiting to be exercised off. Maybe next year... :)

1 comment:

Viv said...

Made me soooooooooooo hungry just looking at it, would be wonderful with real butter slathered all over it. Sounds like a W W Deal to me, LOL.


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