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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Strawberries and Ketchup.

Yesterday for lunch we had Whataburger. I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that...but it was cold outside and it was good, good, good! Anyway- Parker didn't get to eat Whataburger...she had her own meal that was made here (I know- life isn't always fair!). Anyway- she was done with hers before I was done with mine, so I let her sit in my lap. This is what ensued. She immediately starting picking up one fry after another, putting them in her mouth and eating them. She would even pretend to dip it in the ketchup. I have tried ketchup with her before with other things, but she has never been a fan. So- I thought it was cute that she was pretending. Well the deal is...I usually don't let her eat fries because the few times she has had them, they seem to upset her tummy and leave her a bit on the cranky/feisty side. So after about 3, I put the rest of them away and made them disappear. I was ready for a little fit....just knowing that she would want more. But I was wrong. Instead...she decided to pick up some of her leftover strawberry slices and dip those into the ketchup. At first I quickly brushed her hand scared her because she jumped a little. I was trying to save her from the horribleness that was about to touch her mouth. But Geoff insisted I let her try it. And I guess he was right...she didn't mind at all. She had so much fun dipping that strawberry into the ketchup and licking it all off!! Yummy?!?!

NOTE: The pictures you are about to look at are not good. Geoff accidentally took the up and down pictures holding the camera the wrong way. So here's a photography lesson (not really, but this is true): He should have held the camera to where the flash was facing his right, instead it was facing the left...leaving a horrible shadow and a really dark picture. I messed with the exposure a lot to make them bright enough to see and so that's why they have a weird coloring. I don't know if this is true with all cameras, but it is definitely true with ours. It was an honest mistake, but I just wanted to explain what was going on here. So please bare with these photos...but you'll get the point...strawberries and ketchup!

(here...he had figured out how to hold the camera the right way again....:)


Viv said...

Strawberries and Catsup, I'll probably have to try that.....Very cute.

Jamie said...

she is so cute! that combo really sounds disgusting! but please don't ever be embarrassed to eat whataburger!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really embarrassed to eat's just more embarrassment of myself at how awful we have eaten lately!! And the fact that we have done so much grocery shopping over the past few weeks, yet still have "nothing" to eat. It's ridiculous!

Harley Chick said...

I eat German foods and my God-child who is Hispanic was introduced to kpper snacks, herrings in sour-cream sauce, pate, german triple cream cheese (it actually had blue-cheese in it) at the tender age of 2 - and much to her mother's surprise - she ate these foods!

I think it is great that you continue to introduce foods and re-introduce them to her - eventually you will know what she likes and will definitely not eat.

I love sweet potatoes and if I have fries - those are my favorites!


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