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Friday, January 16, 2009

So far so good...

Well- we made it through the first week with Geoff's new schedule. It worked out really well. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous that our "bright idea" had the possibility of not being so bright after all...but really- it was a great week. Granted- I was not in school yet and into my schedule, but Geoff adjusted well and we all just had a really good week. We were able to spend so much more time together. And Parker is so happy. She is happy when she is home alone with me, and she is happy when she is home alone with Geoff, but it just seems to me that she is happier when we are both home. Although this is not how it will always be (the 3 of us home together since I will have school and then Geoff will work), I am excited that Geoff will have this "extra" time to spend with her. I don't know how to describe it, but it just seems that she is doing something new everyday. From saying new words... to copying something we do... to making a new seems there's always something new. I find myself saying at least once a week "Now, she really seems to know what is going on"...and I think I end up saying it at least once a week because it is those little things that she progressively adds to her repertoire that I could never have imagined.

1 comment:

Viv said...

She will be doing that from here on out sweet girl, doing new things, saying new things, never ceasing to amaze you both. It's amazing to all of us, the wonderful world of these children and the delight they are to those that love them!


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