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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"nah-nah" (Night-night)....

This video was taken yesterday evening. (I know it seems as though we have been on a video kick lately. The story goes that we had used up all of our camcorder tapes and had been lazy about transferring (or buying new...what a novel idea??) to the computer and saving and burning and all of that fun stuff, so we have been working on it, and now we're back in business! I just want to capture this sweet voice that she has right now...I know it won't always be so sweet). So anyway- Parker found this Noah's ark wind up music figurine thing that has been in her room since before she was born. So I wound it up and played it a few times. And for a little more background information before the of her new favorite games to play these days is "nah nah." She likes to get in her crib and lay down and say "nah nah" and she also just likes to get in her crib and run away from us (well- run away isn't the best choice of words...after all...she is in her crib, but you get the picture) and flop down and laugh and giggle and talk...(but she sure does whine if we leave the room...haha). Ok- so now I will let you watch the video.

Oh- and at the end when she put her hand over her mouth...that is her version of blowing a kiss. She does this when we tell her "night-night" and "byebye".

If only this is the way she was when we really put her down for "nah-nah!" It's funny to me that she plays it out this way because this isn't how the routine goes at all. There's the usual- hold onto Mommy as tight as I can and then cry for about a minute before falling fast fast asleep.

Have I mentioned before that I love this kid?


And here's one more video of her "talking on the phone." This is a better picture of her "jibber jabber" than the video I posted on Sunday. Enjoy!


Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

I love the video. She is so sweet. Don't you just want her to stay little forever??
She has talking on the phone down AND texting! How funny!!

Jodie said...

I love this video! This is so cute. How lucky to have captured that moment of her and be able to look back at it.

Viv said...

Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Grany says, Very sweet, can't
imagine you loving her so.


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