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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Fitness Coach

My Fitness Coach

This is the name of the new Wii game that I got this weekend. After talking to one of my friends in nursing school about the Wii and how I was wanting to get the Wii Fit, but that it was hard to find...she suggested the My Fitness Coach. Let me tell you- I am so excited about this new "game." Basically- this program lets you put in your current weight, height...even measurements such as arm circumference, waist, thighs, hips, chest, etc. (so that you can track it). All of that fun stuff. Then it goes through this little fitness thing where you are able to see how much you can do. For those of you who have Wii Sports and have found your Wii fitness age, it is nothing like this. My Fitness Coach d0esn't test your ability to play the Wii, instead- it gets you to put in your resting heart rate...then you do jumping jacks for 2 minutes... then take your heart rate again to see what it is after activity...and then according to those numbers (basically how high your heart rate got), they tell you what kind of a workout that was for you, (i.e. if it was low impact, moderate, or high impact). Then from there they tell you to do as many leg squats as you can until you get to 50 OR you get too tired to go on, and then however many you are able to do, you just enter that number. So there's really no pressure as to how many you can do, you just have to be honest to set an accurate picture of where you are so that it can design a program for you that starts at your level and then you can work up from there. They do the same thing with crunches, push-ups, and then a flexibility test. So.....after all of that is complete, they tell you what they suggest to be your long-term focus area. They tell you that to get a good work-out, you should do a variety for your whole body, but that you can focus on one area. Eventhough they give you a suggestion, you can still choose what you want to be your focus. For example, they chose my upper body because my push-up number was so low....and yes- my upper body is pretty weak. But to me, I want my focus to be my core. I need some abs of steel! haha Anyway- after all of that they ask you to make a committment. Committment. I didn't really like seeing that word. It made it more real. Geoff said, "Yes- Marla. That's why you got do it." So- they give you a calendar and I chose the days that I planned on working out and for how long (because you can decide whatever you want). I chose 30 minutes. And I only put myself down for 3 days because although I would eventually like to work myself up to more, I want to set myself up for we'll just start with that. (Ummmm...looking back, I am thinking maybe I should have started out with two days.) And I also have such a wonderful husband, that he also committed to me that on the days I am scheduled to work out (which we discussed), he will take Parker to the park or upstairs or to the store or somewhere so that I can do my thing. So we'll see. I'll keep you posted. But I am truly excited and thought I'd share because the reviews for this game are pretty good...and it was only $29.99 as opposed to the $89.99 that Wii Fit is. Plus- it's almost like having your own personal trainer. It's sort of like watching a workout video, but the exercises that they choose are tailored to the areas of your body that you want to tone. Plus cardio. The thing that I like is the guidance and variation it will give me. It also asks you what exercise accessories that you have like hand weights, a step board, balance ball, etc. So then the exercises that they have you do can include those things. I guess another way to describe it is attending an aerobics class in your home. The lady talks to you..."You're almost there....and stop!" "Glad to see you here today!" :)

Word to the wise....don't build your profile on the My Fitness Coach (i.e. do 2 minutes worth of jumping jacks, 50 leg squats {my legs are still giving out on me with no warning}, 60 crunches, 30 push-ups, and stretching) 30 minutes after eating Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Nachos. Uhhhhhhhhh....not good. Also- don't let your husband/wife watch. And don't let them do your measurements either. Geez!

So to make myself feel better after doing these exercises/tests/building my profile/measurements....I went and ate a thick and tasty brownie. Hey- my committment doesn't start until tomorrow....


Viv said...

We will have to get that. We've been saying since Christmas we were going to buy the Wii Fit but we haven't. $29.99 definitely sounds better than $89.99 too. We actually bought a treadmill yesterday but it won't be delivered until 2-6. I'm looking forward to that too. You will do great Marla, you are always so committed to whatever you do. Love you so! Aunt "B".

Kristin said...

That sounds like a good plan. I will have to get that and make time to do it once Payton is born. And so cheap too!


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