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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We've been meaning to take some bluebonnet pictures for a while now. But it always seemed that when we were ready to take the pictures...the weather was not....and vice versa. And you gotta love Texas weather!

And yesterday was a beautiful day so the plan was to take pictures in the bluebonnets with Parker and also take some maternity ones of Kristin. But we were all too tired {lazy} to mess with it.

So today was my day off and we had initially planned to go this morning as soon as Geoff got up. But as the day creeped on....I decided that today would not be a good day for me because I had too much to do here at home (i.e. STUDY!).

But then Geoff volunteered to go alone. Yes. Alone. Something I, honestly, would probably not do...and if I would be a very rare occassion. It's hard taking a picture of a toddler!! Or at least it is for me.

But anywho- Geoff did a great job! I was very impressed! So he took the pictures...and brought them home for me to edit! I think I like that system!

...check out these squishy hands...

...and squishy cheeks....

"Ok! I'm done!"

...oh wait...."Bir?" {bird} She loves pointing at those birds!

And of know is a picture from last year's bluebonnet photos. Geoff was actually out of town so Kristin and I took these pictures. (See...I told you I'm not brave enough to go alone...)


Kristin said...

Gosh she was so little last year!! They grow up entirely TOO fast!! Geoff did do a great job!! Pictures are adorable, especially the ones with her hands on her face!

Viv said...

Loved the pics! He did do a great job! Makes you realize how much she has grown doesn't it? Time does fly.........way too fast.

Jodie said...

Geoff did a great job. Parker is so cute. The pictures are cute!


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