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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food envy.

I made these Everyday Cinnamon Rolls from Our Best Bites on Saturday morning.

And we ate them on our fine china called....Dixie. :)

They were so good! And fairly easy. One of the great things about this recipe (other than the taste and the simplicity) that it doesn't make a gazillion rolls. It makes 12 (well...I made 14, but the last 2 were pretty small). They fit in your 13x9 pan....and you have enough for breakfast for 2 days. They were obviously better the first day....but still tasty the second.

On to my point for this post........Food envy.

Grace becomes more and more aware of her surroundings as each day passes. And lately....we have really been noticing how intently she stares at us while we eat. And of course....if anything is in her reach...she will definitely grab for it and the first thing she does is put it in her mouth! (how quickly you forget and get out of practice of keeping everything out of reach!!)

So after I mixed the icing...I was a very nice (but bad) Momma and let Parker lick the bowl. And although I realize that Grace really had no idea what Parker was eating....she definitely acted like she wanted some!!

Staring intently......

Leaning in.....

Getting a little ancy.....

Leaning in a little more....

An all-out reach!!

Of course....we didn't give in! Only 5 more weeks and we'll be starting baby food. How is my baby growing up so fast???


Grunwaldt Family said...

Poor Grace!! Your girls are adorable.

Kristin said...

Poor baby!!! She will be able to eat soon enough!! I know not to rush it... because time flies SO fast!!!!!!!

Viv said...

Little baby dolls! Food envy, bless her little heart, she has food envy cause big sister is enjoying it so much! I've been telling Pattilyn that Jack has food envy too!


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